Nettle (dock, salt bush) with dry red peppers

Submitted by enr on 07 Apr 2010
3 handfuls of nettle (dock, salt bush)
1-2 onions
7-8 dried red peppers
4-5 tbsp sunflower oil
150 g feta cheese
3-4 eggs
Nettle (dock, salt bush) with dry red peppers
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Dry Peppers cleaned of seeds and boil until soft. Cleared of scales and finely. Cleaned and washed nettle is boiled in a little salted water (if using salt bush leaves only milled for 2-3 minutes, because they are more tender). Drain and cut into small pieces. Add to stew in hot sunflower oil chopped onion, together with the peppers. Fry ten minutes and add the crumbled feta cheese and lightly beaten eggs. If necessary, add salt. Fry a few minutes until eggs are firm.
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07 Apr 2010


Bravo looks very tasty.

very appropriate for the season, super

I am glad if you relish recipe. In our region makes it mostly with dock / here we say *shtavlyak* / and is called *combust*, but in our family we like nettles or salt bush.

I really like the recipe. Is great! However, you will need to prepare roasted peppers from a jar.

Nelly, you can safely use and roasted peppers. I also do them if I no longer dry. Little is another taste, but is nothing fatal. Glad you like the dish to you.

It is not difficult, but still waiting for my grandmother to prepare it by going to the village. But nettle I have not tried, but only dock (or salt bush). My father is a superb cook and do something similar with nettles by putting walnuts. Will soon prepare it alone. It is very tasty.

Elti, courage and do it! Nothing complicated there. Good luck!

Incheee all day reading your recipes. Are super. Die for spinach, rhubarb, sorrel, nettles any grass :). Again, very good recipes. :)

Maggie, thank you very much for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoy my recipes.

I did it with nettles and dry peppers was very tasty :)

online87, very glad that you liked the dish this spring! :)