Nougat halva

Submitted by enr on 10 Sep 2014
250 g sugar
3/4 cup honey
5 egg whites
500 g walnuts
Pour sugar into a saucepan and add the honey. Allow to boil until the mixture is browned and remove from heat. Beat the egg whites on low heat until they become fluffy snow. Spoon a spoon add the egg whites to the hot sugar mixture, breaking constantly with a wire whisk. Return the saucepan over low heat, making sure the mixture does not thicken too. For mild agitation add finely ground walnuts. carpeted large tray with baking paper and then oiled. Pour the mixture thoroughly and then smooth by covering the top with another sheet of greased baking paper and press down lightly. Leave nougat halva to stand for one night so. The next day, remove the paper. Take a sharp knife, immerse it in cold water and cut into squares halva. * Instead of paper can be used wafers. * Optional can add flavor - vanilla, citric and others. of your choice.
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10 Sep 2014
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interesting recipe. How big is the baking pan and how proteins are broken down into low heat? Perhaps a water bath or directly on the stove? If you can describe in more detail :)

akva, sorry, I can not provide such details - did them in source :) I decipher it as breaking directly on the stove, not a water bath. And taking into account the total quantity of products, assume that it is a pan on the stove maybe ... but better until you try, you will not understand, alas :)