Nougat ice cream

Submitted by enr on 02 Jun 2013
12 eggs
1 l sweet cream
200-250 g of powdered sugar
krokant 150 g sugar +150 g nuts
sweet (of your choice)
dried fruit (maybe without them)
Nougat ice cream
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Separate the yolks and whites. Yolks beat with powdered sugar. Ready when you are white and triple volume. Mix cream. With careful stirring (with a wooden spoon) is mixed with the yolks. Beat egg whites with absolutely clean and dry beaters. To yolk mixture add krokanta, sweets and nuts. Stir gently and added to the egg white. Packed in boxes of ice cream or plastic coffee cups. It's freezing.
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02 Jun 2013
dish Sutra


I forgot to write how to do krokanta! Sugar is caramelized on the stove and add to it broken kernels. Allow to cool. Put it in a plastic bag and crush with a hammer.

It sounds really attractive, well done! I think you missed nougat, how and when to add?

No addition nougat-flavored nougat there;)

interesting recipe! Only two questions: 1) Since the eggs are raw and quite a number - how they decontamination? A salmonella? 2) Once you fill plates - as you put them in the freezer or at least refrigerator? How to tighten? Or not at all cool / freeze?

I forgot to mention that currently sell ready caramel krokant in Kaufland (80 st. - Bag)

If the eggs are fresh and well kept, there will be no salmonella in them, there are recipes that require raw eggs and can not be avoided. For cooling I would say that should be kept in the freezer, or ice cream will be :) Good to enter this clarification in the recipe.

Irina, thanks for the reply :) A eggs I do not bother me. Indeed perhaps depends what the source, but as said Neville - there are recipes that are completely raw eggs and person decides whether to risk. As Kroc - once years ago I had an accident with caramelized nuts, replacing it with candied roasted almonds that splinter arbitrarily. Have the advantage that the sugar moiety is not as hard as stone and loose, but the flavor is much more intense. This is just an idea :)

Well as eggs to see that already has the answer! Thanks for that;) A May haste I neglected to write that put baking pans in the freezer :)