Omelet with smoked ham

Submitted by enr on 10 Feb 2013
4 eggs
30 g smoked ham (Jamón serrano, Jamón ibérico or other dried smoked ham)
1 pickle
2 tbsp grated onion
50 g feta cheese Gouda
pinch of white pepper
sunflower oil
Omelet with smoked ham
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In flat pan with a little sunflower oil on a slow fire sent down previously beaten eggs all over the floor. On the received * * pancake put pulled or chopped ham, cucumber cut into cubes, grated onion, spices and finally the grated feta cheese. When eggs are roasted slightly below, turn one end to the other, so that the blind and after another 3 minutes and exclude shifts from the heat.
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10 Feb 2013


Manuela, jamon ham is not it? And if not, what is the difference?

Ive, there are two types-one is jamon jamon Serra, which I used in the recipe, the other in December jamon york-ordinary ham. The difference between the two types of ham is that real *ham* is made from ham, salted splsten and left for 12, 15, 17 to 24 months in refrigerated chambers in special technology. Upload a photo.

And the third type is jamon *iberico* which is much more palatable than ham *serrano*.

Thank you for the clarification Manuelka!

recipe was added to the name * * Omelet with ham and products was used the word * * jamon. This is the word for ham * * Spanish, so the recipe is edited in its current form.