Orange Liqueur 44 (quarante quatre)

Submitted by enr on 08 Jul 2009
500 ml vodka
2 oranges
44 coffee beans
44 sugar cubes
Orange Liqueur 44 (quarante quatre)
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Oranges wash. In any orange to make holes 22 in which are put the coffee beans. Placed in a suitable container, and put sugar cubes, pour vodka and close properly. Shake very well every day, for 44 days, after which it is ready for consumption.
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08 Jul 2009


Hey, Merry, today taman bought alcohol for vishnovka will do this and liquor.

Ole, I think it would be nice.

If approved photos, maybe later there will be

Can instead of vodka brandy?

rushing to do it and I have now.

Vodka has a neutral taste and serve only as a basis. I do not know whether the smell brandy fits with oranges ... Whether it fits with something. I personally have not heard cocktails with brandy, so I think that is not appropriate. However, nothing stops you to try.

thanks, disavow brandy will do it with vodka.

Maybe, but look to be weaker.

Will it happen if the oranges are processed ie sprayed? May my question is pretty stupid. Excuse me ...

I would never enjoyed sprayed citrus. Just harm that person applied to himself and to those who will consume too high a price for several minutes delight in drinking (or eating when it comes to food). Otherwise, with regard to whether they will be obtained - there is no reason not to be.

It was worried I was. Well, I'll wait to get in bio-store and will do it next week. Thanks ...

It is very tasty.