Oranges rice (Arancini, Sicily)

Submitted by enr on 09 Mar 2010
500 g rice
200 g beef
100 g chicken entrails
50 g grated feta cheese Parmesan
2 eggs
1 onion
1-2 leaves salvia (sage )
100 ml broth
sunflower oil, salt
butter (as walnut)
Oranges rice (Arancini, Sicily)
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Fry the finely chopped onion, previously confused with sage. Add the meat, stir well and add salt. Pour broth and allowed to simmer for about 15 minutes and the liquid was evaporated. While Boil the rice in salted water (should not be overcooked). Rice pour into a bowl and mix with two eggs and grated feta cheese. Allow to cool. In the palm of the hand takes about a tablespoon of rice in the center make a hole and put a little minced meat. Add more rice and shaped ball resembling orange. Add some ball in flour mixed with salt, then add some in the beaten egg and finally in breadcrumbs. Fried to golden (more fat or fat fryer), placed on a napkin to absorb fat and served warm. * You can also make stuffed feta cheese Mozzarella. Once tried them inside meatball, and the rice was added some tomato sauce for color. Basically filling may be different and optional.
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09 Mar 2010


interesting recipe, bravo!

The recipe is very good indeed there is room for variation. I know them from my ex mother in law (she is Sicilian), she filled them with bolognese sauce similar to, but much more spicy and lump capric. Rice used for risotto special - it retains a good crispness and while there is enough starch can be ofrmi not crumble. Aranchini can buy and ready in some Italian cafes here in Cologne, where the emphasis on home remedies, however, once again gone cold and warm lose much of its flavor. Thank you remind me the recipe, I have not been doing for years. Will soon make it again.

very interesting and I will make it. Bravo and thank you.

It was my idea to present interesting and easy things. As for filling everyone can improvise. Now thinking to write another very interesting and could be in for a surprise visit. It takes a little more time, but worth it.

At the last moment I saw the added image. Aliana, thank you very much! I have not understood well how to ride, but at least you've taken care of.

Super is zamiva to Favorites.

The day before yesterday I made them again, filled them with a sauce of chicken, sage, olives, tomatoes, peppers, peas, onions and garlic, and put a piece of Mazara. Were very nice. 500 g of rice I received 14 pieces size as a tennis ball. But it probably depends on how much stuffing is put.

This time I managed to make photos :) I used round special variety of rice for rice pudding that is not pre-wash and there is enough starch to adhere well. Boiled it in vegetable broth with a pinch of saffron, 2: 1, mingling it with grated old (mature) Gouda and eggs. The filling is cooked thick Bolognese sauce with the addition of fresh peas, seasoned with rosemary and thyme. The recipe is simple universal, very glad that it is on the site :) I only increased the quantities that I had to order. 750 g of rice and products increased accordingly for the sauce I took 23 units.

finally made them. Very accurate and delicious recipe. And the filling can experiment ... just super.

Mmmm, Ivka, look great! :)

Ina taste is wonderful.