Pancake layered cake with chocolate spread and pudding

Submitted by enr on 28 Sep 2014
1 liter of fresh milk
5 eggs
300 g towers
100 ml sunflower oil
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
1 vanilla pudding Dr. Oetker
750 g chocolate spread
100 g crushed hazelnuts
Pancake layered cake with chocolate spread and pudding
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Anyone can use your favorite recipe for pancakes. I personally really like these because their taste is neutral and a perfect fit for both sweet and savory pancakes for. For the pancakes: Beat the eggs nice. Then add 500 ml fresh milk thereto, 200 ml water, baking soda, salt, sugar, and about 50 ml sunflower oil. Stir again. Finally add the flour. The amount is approximately as density varies. If you want pancakes become thinner dough should be slightly less than boza. Otherwise (like mine) is the density of boza. Now we undertake with the preparation of pancakes. I personally dub the pan in which they prepare with a little sunflower oil or butter (better with butter), because once cool become juicy. Once you have finished with all pancakes (my cake went 25-30 for the pan with a diameter of about 30 cm) coated them with chocolate spread and roll each separately. This * the bases * for our cake ready. For the cream: If you choose to use pudding, which I mentioned above, a detailed recipe has it. I personally prefer it as it becomes thick, which is ideal for cake. For the glaze: melting around 100-150 g chocolate spread on a water bath. I added a little butter in it to become a bit more rare, as thus more easily we can raznesem. Making the cake: I have used glass pot, as currently only I had in hand. You can use the form cake (the best option). If you use yen arrange first order of pancakes, arrange them as if we round banitsa, as the grandmother. Then cover with cream line. So continue to rotate until we run out of pancakes and must finish with cream line. At the end cover with the rest of a pancake, which will be something like basis, after turn cake. We leave in the refrigerator until the cream is tightening and the cake is ready for removal. After being strapped in turn tray and spills melted chocolate. Sprinkle with hazelnuts and with it our cake is ready. If you want to form a cake again begin to order pancakes, cream line, as of the end end up with cream.
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28 Sep 2014


olinka90, you will be able to put more precise name of the cake, subjective concepts such as *easy* and *fast* are not allowed in the title.