Pear Compote

Submitted by enr on 14 Dec 2013
pears - 3-4 1 jar 800 ml
sugar - an average of 100 g jar
optional - 1-2 cloves grains or leaf geranium jar
Pear Compote
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Fruit for compote pears should be ripe with flavor and aroma. May be prepared from peeled or unpeeled fruit cut depending on the size of halves, quarters or eighths. Cleared seminal part. The jar is filled with the desired quantity of fruit, whereas that in the sterilizing fruits lose part of its volume. For flavor can be added cloves or geranium. Depending on the ripeness and sweetness of fruit and preferences of the household is packed sugar. Make up with hot water up to 1 cm below the rim of the jar. The jars are sealed with caps. Turning several times, until the sugar is completely melted. Put them to boil, the water should cover 1 finger over the caps. The jars are sterilized for 15-20 minutes after the water boils. Remove and turn the cap down. Once completely cool fold for storage in a cool dark place.
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14 Dec 2013