Lean pork chops

Submitted by enr on 08 Mar 2013
4-5 pork steaks
1/3 cup sunflower oil (maybe olive oil)
1 tbsp honey
1-2 tbsp lemon juice (maybe vinegar - 1 tbsp)
1 tbsp mustard
dark soy sauce
1/2 cup wine (and beer can)
pepper, savory steaks
Lean pork chops
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Wash nice. Prepare the marinade by mixing all the products it is desirable first to have honey, the oil and lemon juice. Stir to dissolve the honey. If you put soy sauce and will be able to see if honey is melted. Add and other products and stirred until homogeneous. If you like or not any of the ingredients can zoom in or out. I deliberately wrote salt because the soy sauce is quite savory. With the prepared marinade Spread nice steaks and put in a container with a lid in the refrigerator to stand for 1 hour, maybe more. The rest of the marinade is poured in court on ordered steaks. This is closely followed in podmaznena pan, pour a little water and cover with foil. Can flood and marinade in which they sojourned. Bake at 200C degrees for about 1 hour under foil. Then fthe oil is removed and dopicha another 15-20 minutes. * Obtained very tender and succulent pork chops - like chicken. * The number of products is indicative and is collected from different recipes.
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08 Mar 2013


Pork is great in combination with honey and soy sauce :) Great recipe - served with vegetables as a side dish of pan is very nice dish. Bravo for the best recipe!

Thank you, Danny :) really taka- sites became very gentle. Toppings is the willingness salad, fries or, as you say, vegetables. Enjoy your meal! ;)

Thank you very much become the most delicious and tender steaks will still do.

I'm glad you liked the recipe :)

Many were delicious steaks. I Paiute them in the marinade and did not need water.

Super. And it is an option to your meal :)

chops much liked! I baked them without water, with the marinade.

Great! Thank you for your trust! :)

v4era prepared them were amazing. Peko biri4kavmesto them with water. very fragile and delicious :)

Bravo! Glad you liked them :)

White or red wine?

I put the red, but white will be better for sure.

No matter what the wine. You can add different podpravki- I put oregano, basil, thyme, sage, categories to sauces (spicy), pressed garlic and others, every time is a different flavor.

Yesterday I made the recipe tender steaks and really were very nice, fragile home they love them.

I am happy. Enjoy them :)

And I did last night recipe. Were delicious, but quite abruptly began to glow at the bottom (Peko with foil at 180 degrees with the fan for 1 hour. I do not know why this happened ... maybe because I am a beginner :)

Perhaps your oven is very strong underneath. If you decide to do, I suggest you slow down a bit below the heat and / or turn them 1-2 times during baking. So I think that will roast more evenly. Good luck! :)

cvetelina1984, Iliana-1983 good advice you gave - you can oven have been too strong bottom, may have been too high temperature (180C, even with the fan is not high temperature, but every oven is different) and baking pan you to is very heat and may there was not enough liquid in the chops. If you are a beginner and do not put them *forget* things in the oven - look at how every 20th of minutes walk and turn or reduction / enlargement degrees. Each recipe baking time and degrees are tentative, but after a few times you'll get used samples of how what he needs.

Hello! I used marinade for pork bites and after standing one hour stifle them in a Teflon pan with a lid, were very tasty.

Daniela, thanks for the comment.

Umirgam its delicious marinades. Surely try this option! :) Usually bake in yen roll with lid and always give a golden plate. cvetelina1984 - Try next time anoint lightly frozen butter the bottom of the pan (or like me in yen with a lid) and then ordered marinated steaks and pour the marinade. So I guarantee you will not stick. Place the grill on level 2 (bottom up. It already in stoves fan vessels are not put at the bottom of the oven. Good luck! :)

Thank you for the advice, will share in detail what I did, I put the baking pan into the second level below the top of the oven on the grid (in any case the baking pan was not close to the lower heating oven-rather in the middle of oven). My oven preheated to 180 degrees with a fan and pekok so one hour. Perhaps had cold oven-I do not know and less time to bake. Only interjected that I poured steaks with marinade, did not need some water to the valley. Next time I'll try to Jena container with a lid. Condition in Jena is always-cold oven-although I meet many recipes with Jena vessel with preheated oven ...

cvetelina1984 - right! :) Always put in cold oven when cooking with yen (preheating only for cakes, cake, cake and so on.. ). Then of 180-200 degrees and by excluding thermal relay (reach the required temperature of 180 degrees - including a fan bottom and top - so the temperature actually becomes 200. So bake about 1, 5 hours under the hood. Become wonderfully browned and brittle by suffocation with marinade. The last 30 minutes you can even reduce your desired temperature. And I have met recipes, which says to put yen in preheated oven - I asked for a recipe for cake. But his cake should certain level temperature and do not necessarily earn in yen. If you do decide to risk - just heat them up to 100 degrees. Then put the yen and after 5-10 minutes increase. This applies to the court stew. And so! Good luck! :)

Today steaks prepared for the third time, very tasty and tender.

I prgotvh them with beer and received wonderful. Thanks for the recipe!

It is wonderful that you like. I also have prepared for them today do not know which way :) This time I put Unisos that give flavor, but not a dark color (as with soy sauce) and I think it has become better.

Delicious steaks, but to me darkened. I think that is soy sauce. I added water is not. Next time just unisos. Thanks for the recipe.

I thank her done. The other way would be perfect;)

For the first time I steaks in the oven with marinade. One time I tried the pan, but became like shoes and had to go in the bucket and so ingloriously finished the steak :). Put beer because I had wine. I overdid it a little water, but next time I would put less or not at all put. Became truly unique and delicious brittle and they love them all. For garnish made mashed potatoes and stewed peas and carrots. Thanks for the great recipe!

If you do not like a lot of sauce, may reduce the water. But definitely so suffocate and become brittle. Great side dish :)

This time I made changes to the marinade. It consisted of the following: copper, oil, vinegar, mustard, Unisos, pepper, savory, a little sage (sage), red wine, pressed garlic and tomato paste. Were uniquely delicious steaks. Every time I put different spices and steaks have a different flavor, but this time I got in May. Definitely garlic and tomato paste are that great flavor and color of the meat. Incredibly delicious that way. Try and share :)

I progotvih steak last night to not know which way. This time I added curry became even more delicious. :)

Great. I am very happy when I experimented and obtained a delicious meal :)

I tried marinade with chicken steaks with skin. Well licking your fingers :)

Super. Bon appetite :)

Filled with beer, and ready to spice potatoes that Peko them together Potatoes recipe :) Masters became as brain, although the meat was leg. Five of me!

I am glad that I like steak. Bon appetite :)

became divine :) Thanks for the recipe!

And I thank you for the trust :)

Today I made them and the only thing added to the marinade had 2 garlic cloves - get is divine! Became brittle and very juicy, and love them. Many thanks for the recipe!

And I thank you tried the recipe. Really is much tastier with chesanche. Good appetite;)

This time, marinated beef steaks for 24 hours - were wonderful! Peko grill-pan and the remaining marinade compacted with little ketchup and get tasty sauce.

Great idea, Dorothea! So, it turns out, it marinade for chicken, and veal. Thanks for your useful comment and I'm glad that you made them :)

They got superb! Bravo, great recipe! :)

Thanks, I'm glad that you have prepared them and they liked you :)

Yesterday I made them, but instead in the oven baked them on the barbecue. Were amazing, very well seasoned and incredibly fragile. Great recipe.

In general, I think that in the oven are the most fragile because it is suffocating under the foil. Glad to you there was an excellent result despite different approaches. Good appetite! :)

Thanks for the recipe just threw them to bake! :)

Now we will try the recipe. I hope to get better!