Pendari filled

Submitted by enr on 23 Apr 2013
1 cup kefir or buttermilk
3 cups flour
30-50 ml sunflower oil
1 tsp sugar and salt
# For the filling:
4 tomatoes
200 g feta cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, grated cheese or a mixture thereof
pepper , crushed dried chili pepper
Pendari filled
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In Ira put salt, sugar and much of the oil. Pour the flour little by little and is kneaded dough, which should become a medium hard and is not sticky. You may need to add a little more flour. The dough was allowed to rest for half an hour, and can be prepared the day before and was kept in a refrigerator. From the dough short ball and roll it thinly. Cut the tomatoes into discs, which are arranged on the rolled out dough off at least 3-4 cm. Creases cheese with a fork and mix with chopped herbs, put his black pepper and chili pepper, and the resultant mixture was put on the tomatoes. Cover with second crust dough. With a glass cut circles tomatoes. Vouchers dough is recovered by rolled back. The oil is heated to medium and fry it gold coins. Since the filling is never raw, fry just until golden and no risk to remain raw. * gold coins can be filled with various fillings: boiled, choppy chicken, salami, ham, fish, mushrooms, mozzarella, to mingle with all sorts of spices. Can be made with fruit stuffing from nemokreshti fruits: apples, pears, nectarines, cherries and others. Can also be filled with Nutella, mixed with breadcrumbs. Or with ground, sweetened and seasoned nuts. The filling and the amount is based on fantasy, taste and available products. * In case my flour is a mixture of white and whole wheat flour Dinkel (spelled).
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23 Apr 2013


Avoid fried, for health reasons. But I could not refrain from commenting: Raleigh, compliments for the great suggestion! :) Years ago I tried stuffed with minced meat mixed with chopped onions and spices, the men in the house were ecstatic! :)

iris, thanks for the nice comment :) If you used another example. bread dough, certainly can and roast in the oven, then covered with melted butter. And even with this dough can (the dough is almost as gyolemeto), but will be very hard because they are small. There is no reason to just fried, if you for some reason do not consume fried :)

Rally, to tell you often try to replace fried roasted test options. I definitely occurs but not you agree that there is no way to get 100%. I have not gotten only way to achieve the taste of fried cakes or fritters, which so love. And to be honest, sometimes I can not refrain and have a bite, as I tend not to overdo course! :) Thanks for the advice though! :)

Yes, it is, foods that we know from childhood, just like this, and not the other way :) My aunt made them these gold coins, but until recently I did not know how to make the dough, I asked my sister it turned out that it was so easy. I did not make them baked, just assumed it might.

I loved the recipe! As soon as possible to make them :)

looks great these gold coins :) I am not master of pasta, but it must try! Will try a must! Bravo for the recipe!

I hope you like it as me:) Write how you received :)

became very delicious. Unfortunately I only had white flour, but so is received. I made several different fillings: 1) with tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto;
2) with the cream cheese, smoked salmon and cucumber;
3) with turkey ham, kashlaval and colorful salt;
4) with banana, cream cheese and chocolate chips.
All were delicious, but first needed a little salt as mozzarella is not salty.
Thanks to The exciting idea!

Rally, became a big yummy! I made them with different kinds of stuffing (and largest) :) Those are about the size of a small saucer :) with tomato and cheese (tomato was great, so I got so) :) Several gold coins roasted on the grill (I decided to try) and received very well. Thanks for the nice recipe!

Girls, heartily glad that you liked Pendari :) Kostova, very creative fillings, will borrow in the future idea of ​​you! :) Reni, this grill I have not looked back since! Do not become very dry, not fried? Only warmed up here and I will kindle a grill :)

Rally, the grill with roasted stuffed tomato and cheese, salami and such (other fillings I have not tried) and not become dry :)

Thank you, Rennie :)