Potato Gratin assorted

Submitted by enr on 11 Apr 2014
500 g potatoes
200 ml cream or milk
70-89 g sliced ​​pork bacon slices or flank or mince optional
70 g feta cheese
50 g processed cheese
50 g butter margarine for cooking or sunflower oil
3-4 red peppers from a sterilized jar
pinch of salt
pinch savory, rosemary, cumin, nutmeg, parsley optional
cloves garlic 1 onion optional
# For my special sauce:
3- 4 eggs
100 g of milk
2 full tbsp flour
3 tbsp yogurt
colored salt or table salt optional
Potato Gratin assorted
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Boil the potatoes in salted water in a pressure cooker for 8-9 minutes. Once drain grate them the planer of such size as you like. If you want and prefer, cut them as soup - in small pieces. I prefer to have a large-scale grater. Cut the remaining products. Mix the potatoes with the butter, cream or milk and processed cheese until warm. Add everything and mix well with mixer. greased baking tray well. Pour the contents of the pan, smooth well with spoon. May Pierce with a fork if the surface judge. Put the potatoes to bake at 200C degrees in preheated tray. When appears brown golden crust bottom time and shows that it is almost ready. Sometimes if you put a large, double tray and I think it will become very dry put an egg right in the mix. Once you decide that the top and bottom is browned, remove the tray from the oven and pour a spoon entire top surface. After a little bit more will swell almost souffle. Plunk really well. I forgot to say that if you do gratin in large put on a knife and soda for to rise even more. Stuffing baked in kind must be at least 2 fingers thick and prompt people to try it. Turn oven. Let the dish to rest inside, do not open the oven. After 20 minutes cooling cut gratin. * I love to do experiments with gratin. And the potatoes are cheap, accessible and produce them yourself so you do everything from potatoes with great pleasure! If cut into large pieces fries, call the dish tray stew-gratin. I've written Assorted because you may want to be a skinless sausage or something else, not necessarily with bacon. You can do it with minced meat and processed cheese, sometimes with peppers and bacon chunks.
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11 Apr 2014


great get delicious meals, thanks for the recipe.