Potatoes comb - II type

Submitted by enr on 06 Apr 2010
4 potatoes
4 cloves garlic
olive oil or sunflower oil
salt, pepper
Potatoes comb - II type
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Wash and cut into slices potatoes, but not until the end, taking care not to split completely. Cut the garlic finely and place it between slices is received. Put the potatoes in the pan, sprinkle lightly with olive oil, salt and pepper and bake at 180 C for about 40 minutes. Optional you can put other spices as you like and that you like. Serve warm. * I made them with baby potatoes and sprinkled with a little chopped parsley.
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06 Apr 2010


Ufff must now run for potatoes. Many are tempting :) Fresh or old should be?

I made them with fresh, their skin is soft. But I think that old is the same.

awesome and I believe they are very tasty! Today I will make them and will pogvalya what I bring them:-)

Oh-Oh-Oh and I will do tonight, thanks for the great idea, well done

will be happy to hear your opinion, thank you.

Great idea, well done. Something so ordinary and so attractively served. Will impress a lot of people with them. Already in favorites.

are really very delicious, loved by all I added slices of ham and get a good idea for a new recipe.

I am very glad that you liked. After a few days back in Bulgaria and I thereby surprise your friends .. And once I get back I will write more interesting and fast.

They got sweet and delicious baked potatoes.

Delicious, easy, fast, very attractive appearance. Thanks for the nice recipe!

I just made them, I really liked! Thank you!

today will try and get a picture

were great I wanted to get a picture but suddenly came guests who were very pleasantly surprised by fries and naturally not remained. :) Well done

Super easy and very tasty

Very tasty and sporty fries! For added color contrast thinly sliced ​​carrots ... Miracles happen. Thank you!

really are very tasty and effective. To share with you a quirk that I met around the internet and use in cutting them. Place potatoes in a tablespoon and then slice it is concave and not the knife cuts the potato to end. Is easy and fast, but who could think :)

gold really great idea! Thank you! :)

didka72 very beautiful picture.

became very delicious! I made them with oil and put between slices of cheese. Licking your fingers!

Last night I made these fries were amazing! I put salt, pepper, spices Maggie Garden and baking pan poured some beer and water. Will surely do it again. I did not shoot very quickly over. :)

I forgot to mention that the cut potatoes in half and then into slices.

Oh, will try them in the near future. This cheese will probably be delicious. It may other things to put between the potatoes.

The most delicious fries, last night I made them with smoked mestse, Cmax amazing!

Oh, and it will try!

A water should I put the baking pan?

very delicious potatoes! My husband and our guests were fascinated :) Thanks for the recipe!

have a fine I added cheese and bacon in slots and a little water in the pan enough to cover the bottom

You can put two skewers on both sides of the potato to the knife goes to the bottom

The easiest trick cutting a potato to put between two pencils (Hexahedral - lie stable). Then boldly chopping knife, holding pencils. Pencils remain stops. I watched it many years ago in an Asian transmission. Then I tried it and it was quickly and perfectly. Try it! I've made them with different content and are always very tasty fries. Before presentation to flood a little melted butter and sprinkle with crushed fennel. In baking pan does not put any liquid except that crouch with oil to avoid sticking. If you put them on a silicone mat - not even under namaznyavam fries.

Girls, cutting most easy with a spoon in comment 16 I wrote. No adherence of pencils and skewers, put the potatoes in a spoon and prune boldly :)

Not everyone fits into potato spoon ... I enjoy all the good advice :)

I cut potatoes of different sizes and receives no problem, do not have to fit perfectly. Soil from one end to where permits are then fry pushes forward and goes to the other end:) I made that possible girls have not read the comments, so again shared way of cutting, which I think is very convenient. I also welcome any good idea, will try and proposed two :)

numbers with skewers done only if the potatoes are cut in half. But so then you can not put in the holes, because dissolve and bend. Best with a tablespoon and to act with all potato. Very impressive look, but something did not seem them baked good, or the potatoes themselves were not very nice - became one ... gray and dry, although I put a lot of fat.

liliana100, and potatoes may be, my hand the first time were very slightly surovichki. Will not dry out and bake well, first try to win them wrapped in foil, and then remove it and finish cooking. Or, as below in the comments are written, put very little water in the pan. Otherwise, the idea is very good, are really spectacular and delicious fries :)

I am also rules these great fries. Grebenchetata can be bent if the potato is soft, if the potato is sturdy and solid, will not bend. The recipe is a great easy and very tasty.
Potatoes should be firm, then became a spectacular ridge.

unique taste every time :)

Wonderful fries, aromatic and very tasty! Thanks for the recipe! :)

Kada are smilies to me, why not

MMMMMMMMMM e have many delicious, I put black pepper and oregano, a little before being ready narendih Cheese, licking your fingers will do them often:) certainly

Very good recipe, I put the butter and olive oil instead of vegetable oil was very tasty :)

Very tasty fries. Thanks for the recipe. Is already one of your favorite recipes in the family :)

Yesterday I decided to make potatoes and found a recipe. Peko them 40 minutes at 180 degrees I saw them they were still raw, rolled it with foil and continued to roast them! Nevertheless remained raw! I never understood where my mistake! Not received and threw them away