Roasted chicken bottle

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Roasted chicken bottle
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Wash the chicken, salted, smeared with red and black pepper. Beer bottle left with beer or filled with water, put the chicken on top and bake at 200 C
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02 Feb 2009


A baked rind from anywhere. Be careful, because the meat dries more sap runs in the baking pan. And there's a special utensils, pilepekach. Put pictures.

Up until now did not know that there pilepekach.

but to bottle your hand

I often do chicken bottle did not know that there takava stand. Does anyone know where to sell? It is very tasty and spectacular

dock has the advantage that comes from within and moisture. In the wire is placed kupuchka with water, the other is poured water, and it has holes. When the bottle can not be wet inside, and therefore dries. But it is great, especially for those who like rind. I do often. My brother puts a big box of beer:-)

My spit is the third photo. I want to tell you, for those who have not used that chicken is much more tasty than in baking pan. Be sure to buy as soon as possible!

Fifth, from where you bought the spit?

Well done, this is a wonderful idea.

without stand okay?

I personally do it in a jar of baby food and fill the pot to the middle with beer ... there is no other taste is unique.

it with beer or lemonade bottle and two glass is filled beer water oil to your meal; garnish wish

Yet where he bought this pilepekach?

roasted chicken on the cup, because I had a bottle and became super

Here there were many comments but I see that have been deleted, what is the best full bottle or half bottle of water. Since morning I have oiled pink rosemary, vegeta and red piperda catch their scents will roast them in 7:00. Can anyone answer me?

Nabuchih them in a jar and wrapped in foil to bake potatoes to use the oven!

I put the chicken on the bottle

half full of beer and became great!

The chicks were great, bake for an hour and a half! I put them in a jar with a bottle because I relied on upper wire and my oven has a gas! C

E, sorry, but my picture is not of the best: ((((But the result is incredible. To me quite sprayed stove / do it already 3 times / and gets a slightly smoky taste like chicken roasted. I did it and godparents, but it pooblyakoh little :) EXCELLENT rating.

I forgot to write that put the chicken on the rack for household paper / wood naturally not;) / It is very convenient. All three of my chickens were juicy and with a great crust. I made them with water, only with beer and water and chicken bouillon cube. In all three cases a perfect score.

Ivalina, very good idea, it is just your culinary masterpiece. My congratulations!

Wow, Ive, very original chicken! What it *dressed*? Head egg, right? Hehe, field-WAG!

Iva, very beautiful chicken is received - decked out like a godfather :)

Thank you girls. I dressed it with roasted peppers and mashed potatoes :)

I have seen such dressed chickens, but this is definitely the best!

Ehhhhhhhha very cool done

Eheee, so beautiful chicken see for the first time! Bravo! Congratulations!

On jar, cup or bottle of beer or water, chicken becomes very tasty! And this is a amazing original arrangement! Bravo, Ive! Some time ago I saw a similar picture in the magazine. *Culinary journal *, but there were two chickens - in male and female costume. Here is how one of the usual roast chicken can get a great work of art!

Thank you girls, thank bebcheto 81 for a great recipe. I have of that magazine and will seek more ideas. Here, today, it is this line of chicken :)

Ive very nice decked him this chicken. CONGRATULATIONS! My eyes were in it.

Ive unique picture. Congratulations :)

Thank you, I'm glad you appreciate my work ... But her recipe is;)

Incredible. Bravooo.

Here are my chicks. )

What is the price of pilepekacha and kyde can buy?

I bake it on beer kenche

Very tasty. Here new spices, which tried garlic flour, paprika, soy sauce, salt, oil, pepper. In the bottle of water and soy sauce. Pour over the chicken several times with water. Splendor.

recipe is great!

This recipe is really good, do it chestichko because all love it so priigotvenoto chicken!

Very good recipe! Chicken became wonder! :)

For the first time I've made such a chicken and it was very good. I put other spices and dobadvih fries. In order not to dry the first can be baked at a high temperature (250C) for about 15 minutes and then to be dopicha at a lower temperature.

I say thumbs up to the idea of ​​the bottle :)Chicken is clear that it would be delicious;)