Roasted pumpkin compote of prunes

Submitted by enr on 16 Feb 2010
300 g pumpkin
1 jar of stewed prunes
4-5 tbsp sugar
Roasted pumpkin compote of prunes
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Pumpkin Peel and cut into not very large cubes and pour into pan. On it are arranged fruit compote. Pour water from the compote and all sprinkle with sugar. Bake until ready, but be careful to not burn.
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16 Feb 2010


interesting recipe. Sprinkle you with oil?

I put at least not if you try and share :)

It is very tasty.I do and with sweet plum, and put walnuts.

I made the recipe. Because my pumpkin is very sweet, and compost also not put sugar and cinnamon only. Yet when I read the recipe immediately associate it with rice. So on one side of the pan put milled rice. I liked both.

Again not my assessment came!

It is very good! I put pumpkin, apple, quince and 10 prunes dry pre-cooked in a little water to soften Kolkata. Mix all ingredients in a Stewing-dishes and put sugar on top of an eye. No water. Sandwiching ienata with the lid and put in the oven for 30 minutes. Checking whether softened pumpkin and quince if not yet run 10 minutes. It's quick and tasty.

Elena, it is now even more delicacies! Quinces I no longer have, but can be used compote. Adding and walnuts proposed by Ivelina will become something ...!

Great recipe! I sprinkled pumpkin (just before ready) with walnuts. Next time I will add quince and apples :)