Roll of eggs with sausage

Submitted by enr on 20 Apr 2010
3-4 tbsp tomato sauce
150 g sausage of your choice
150 g solid feta cheese
20 g butter
2 eggs
pinch Ronen savory
2 tbsp cornmeal
150 g grated cheese
2 tbsp yogurt
pinch of soda
Roll of eggs with sausage
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In the legal form of baking pour tomato sauce. On it is distributed evenly diced sausage. Place the feta cheese, which is pre-cut tiles up to 1 cm thickness as the lid on the sausage. Nice stir the eggs, the butter, the cornmeal, cheese, savory and yogurt, which was dissolved in soda. This mixture is poured well arranged and placed products in the form previously. Bake in a moderate oven until topping redness. Once removed from the oven to wait several minutes to harden slightly and cut into slices.
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20 Apr 2010


Very appetizing.

Thank you, my husband also very like it.

Super is !!!!!!!!!!

goes to the favorite, will try it

seems tasty today or tomorrow we will try it :)

interesting proposal must try!

Sounds good, but the word - roll me read twice description to find a roll! :)

You're right, does not curl, my meatloaf order not roll. The idea is that out of colorful mosaic slices. I wondered exactly how to baptize him.

Now me thinking, maybe roll? A?

Hehe! :) And Rolls Is not rolled back? :)

Not necessarily, blinds can be made of separate parts so pregotveni, and look like one. May be mapraveno of several meats, vegetable or meat and vegetables.

October I such vague things I say - baked.

Oh, that certainly is delicious, as is the eggs, Cheese and kolbasche. But is *roll*, *roll* or *baked* no meaning. Congratulations neli1100.

neli1100 become great today I did not even get. Thanks again for the great recipe! Send and photos :)

Many developed that you like!So I shared the recipe.

Great recipe is very easy and done quickly. Thanks for the great idea!

Vkusnooo and easy!