Rolls with mushroom sauce

Submitted by enr on 24 Apr 2011
5-6 pork (chicken) steak boneless
5-6 pickles
200 g bacon
200 g mushrooms
150 g processed cheese
200 g cheese
sunflower oil
pepper salt
# For the sauce:
150-200 g mushrooms
3 tbsp flour
500 ml milk
1 cup cooking cream
125 g butter
pepper, nutmeg
Rolls with mushroom sauce
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Bacon, mushrooms and pickles cut into small cubes and fry. Fuck thin steaks are salted and sprinkled with black pepper on them to put part of the filling a little processed cheese and a slice of cheese. Turn to roll and tied with thread to be delayed. Finished rolls are placed in an envelope for baking and bake in the oven for about an hour and a half of 200 C. Mushroom sauce: mushrooms grated. The butter is melted in a small saucepan then fried mushrooms. The pan is pulled from the heat and add the flour stirring to not get lumpy. When they roll in the envelope was received sauce, he is pouring in the mixture and add the boiled milk and cream. Return the pan to the heat and begin to confuse to not burn. Sosa is ready after 5-7 minutes add black pepper and nutmeg (do not put salt because of the resulting sauce is savory rolls). Finished sauce ladle pour over rolls at presentation.
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24 Apr 2011