Rotated shortbread

Submitted by enr on 28 Apr 2011
500 g flour
250 g lard
250 g of powdered sugar
3 tbsp cocoa
Rotated shortbread
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From those products without cocoa mix a crumbly shortbread. Dough is nice and is divided in two. One part, which is less than was kneaded further with cocoa. Take white dough. Roll out a sheet with a thickness of 0.5 cm or less thinner. Be put on top of brown dough as cover everywhere. Lightly pressed with a rolling pin to stick on a nice white dough (you can use fresh foil over the dough, so you do not stick). The two test together as rolled and cut into slugs. Put them in a dry, not oiled tray inverted and bake. Should remain white, only to dry. When removed from the oven are soft, but after cool become tight and crisp. If you stay at least one day become even more bulk.
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28 Apr 2011


Bravo, Pepi! I was wondering what new to prepare. The idea is great! Will try and write.

Instead of mass can you use butter?

666, I hope you like it. To say that as a stay of the second, third day become more beautiful ... but who can wait so :)

Sunny, with oil I'm not doing them, but I think there will be no problem not arise. I think the problem will be in taste, because the grease become like stay crisp and melt in your mouth, and I think that oil will become like most ordinary sweet.

Ah, this was the secret :) Then surely buy mass :)

Bravo, Pepa! Again offers great idea! This dough do ordinary sweet - with shapes on rings, roses, but as you make them, are very beautiful! I've done with oil, but now it will be difficult to find a pure oil, mix it with margarine and can not get this result, as the grease.

Sunny, but I thought you do not eat fat at home :) If not a problem of mass consumption, buy and do, I will not regret it.

Ina, thank you :) These shortbread them do for years and a lot like us. Resemble fashioned shortbread that sold in pastry and it is nowhere you can find them, only their appearance changed for - great effectiveness.

Great recipe, Pepi. Logged favorite, and I will Luang Prabang. Only to get fat ...

Desi will be happy if you like :)

Super sweet, love them! Bravo Pepi :)

magi71, thank you :) Of master chef like you, this is a great compliment :) really become very crisp and delicious, and carry memories of the good old days.

And from me a big well done, the image shows that are very successful, even my doyadoha :)

Can you just specify how many degrees to print and pre-heated oven you or not?

neli1100, thank you for the comments :) I bake in preheated oven at 170 degrees on the bottom and a fan on the second level from the bottom up and as I wrote in the recipe must be Belichki, you begin to redden slightly below is draw immediately and allowed to cool and then being tightened. Do not bother you that by removing them from the oven slightly soft to the touch.

Thanks only to the disbelievers mass and will try them, see me easy, and we will see :)

Nelly really easy :) I wish you success in sladkopraveneto :)

I love shortbread, thanks for the nice MIGHT :)

Now I made them, I could not bring much *turned* :))))) did not do anything with the appearance :)))) to see how the taste will be after removing them from the oven: P

girls Be sure to preheat the oven to 180-200 if no fan or fan 170-180, Cause my first time became a bread and dough is better not very soft, but with more flour -tvardichko. Otherwise super

delicious. Dough I get quite brittle, maybe had to add more mass, but did not dare. Ultimately, the result is excellent, aside from that a little difficult pooformih them.

elit093, the warmth of your hands while kneading the dough is granted because the fat is melted, but can also add a little fat to collect the dough - easy.

Wonderful! Love them. The recipe is successful and received exactly inverted mushroom with stumps of the above; 0

datexa, I'm glad you liked shortbread! Thank you for the evaluation and doverietio!

And can you add an egg in the products?

vanqbuhleva, I am never put egg and always been done amazing shortbread. I suppose it will be a problem, but may not become so crisp and should increase slightly and then flour. But these are only assumptions.

Many vkusni..lyubimite my sweet :)

carskodete, and me are my favorites :)