Roulades of minced meat

Submitted by enr on 03 Oct 2010
700 g minced meat (mixture)
1 egg
spices to taste
# For the filling:
100 g ham
150 g fresh mushrooms
2 pickles
3 eggs
pepper, salt
# For the sauce:
1 cup cooking cream
sauce from baking
pinch of nutmeg
Roulades of minced meat
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Minced meat is kneaded with egg and seasonings to your taste, as meatballs and leave in the fridge. During this time the mushrooms finely and sauté in 2 tbsp oil. After boil off water and remain fat, add chopped ham and lightly beaten eggs, stir, and when the eggs slightly tight, removing it from the fire. Allow it to cool. Of minced meat make elongated thin buns (size is a wish). At one end put the filling, rolled and shaped like thick roulades meatballs. Arrange in greased pan, pour 1 cup hot water and bake in very hot oven from time to time make a little hot water. After bake, roulades are removed from the tray and put it on the stove as the sauce. Once the sauce has boiled, add the cream and stir to thicken nice, seasoned with nutmeg and remove from fire. When serving roulades are flooded with 1-2 tbsp of this sauce. Garnish the season with vegetables, fried potatoes and rice.
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03 Oct 2010


For those who have halogen oven roulades put in an aluminum pan on grill bottom load of 240 degrees for 20-25 minutes until ready to roulades.Then the sauce to transfer it into a suitable container and cook him in the manner described.Winding as it is wound roll *Stephanie* -as do with wet nylon pouch so minced meat does not stick.