Salad with fish Summer * memory *

Submitted by enr on 21 Jan 2012
1 whole smoked fish mackerel
boiled beans - white, red, pinto
red onion salad
1 lemon
home broken eggs
olives and parsley for decoration
Salad with fish Summer * memory *
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Smoked mackerel being boned, skin removed, chopped or cut into chunks. Cucumbers and lemons cut into cubes, onion fine crescents. In a bowl mix the fish, beans, lemon and onion, add eggs and stir to obtain consistency Russian salad. Decorate with olives and parsley. The amount of product is according to personal preferences. Rather than cut lemon can be drained and the sheet can be grated in salads.
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21 Jan 2012


It sounds very interesting! I love all these ingredients, but I have not thought that can be combined. I'm sure it will be very tasty! Bravo for the idea!

Thank you for the evaluation.

What is home caviar and what can replace it?

This is the caviar made at home can be replaced and bought, I sometimes substituted with a little mayonnaise and yogurt, but the salad becomes more severe.

Sirena, eggs are small balls - eggs of fish, I do not see how you will do it at home?

I think Sirena in mind caviar meal. At least in this I thought.

From goby fish eggs be removed, remove the skin is put it in a jar and add salt, spends some time with 1-2 tablespoons haiver crashed with oil, bread, lemon and onion, so we Pomorians make homemade caviar, Natalia is from Varna and suppose that there izpredvid, but the best method is to answer us!

I suppose it is a roe-spread, broken home who says Natalia and can be bought and ready shattered.

steffanell is right, what I meant, but also bought magazima happens if you do not have time to prepare a personal

It does not matter whether it is bought or legal, importantly, it is delicious! For which it has tried bravely to try it. This is one of the delicacies of Greek cuisine. Once again, Natalia, congratulations for the recipe! Now will make me break eggs and make her :).

Milencha and made it delicious is nothing that while boning little tricky.

instead of mackerel can put tuna

may, but need more careful to stir that this fish is more brittle. Happens with pickled herring, but then the amount of lemon juice should be reduced because of the vinegar which is in the marinade the fish.

Today that this was our salad. As I saw the recipe intrigued me, but now I was convinced that it was very tasty. I did it with pickled herring, mackerel because I found in the store, and I was afraid that if I missed any bones my husband would refuse to eat it. But also with fillet herring get better. Especially for this salad yesterday Razi caviar. Red onion instead put ordinary that I do not walk in the cold looking, but it was very tasty. I suppose if done with colorful beans will be even more spectacular and colorful. Bravo, Natalka! I loved it!

Milencha, I'm glad you liked it, sometimes really put pinto or red beans, becomes more colorful.

I forgot, congratulations on photo Milencha!