Sauerkraut with vegetables (Kim-chi)

Submitted by enr on 13 Oct 2010
9-10 white cabbages
4 kg red peppers, some of them hot
20 apples
sea salt
Sauerkraut with vegetables (Kim-chi)
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Peppers cut into strips, apple pieces. Each head of cabbage is cut grater, not very thin, mixed with salt and put in a barrel. Sprinkle with pepper strips and apple pieces. Insert the next and proceed the same way. Finally everything is pressed tightly and make little water as to align with the cabbage. Pressed with a suitable object - a board, a plate, or else - and allowed to ferment at about 20 C. It was then moved to a cold, and may be sterilized jars, in order to stop the fermentation. Peppers stained cabbage and spice, while apples impart mild flavor. On 1 kg of products put about 10 g of salt (1 and 1/2 tsp). In the recipe described, in order to accelerate fermentation, can be placed 500 g of yogurt, 20 kg vegetables. Cabbage can be done and quite spicy, or very sweet. You can put any vegetables and spices - whole peeled onions, garlic, washers black or white radish, carrots, etc., spices like black pepper, cayenne pepper and others. This recipe is just one of over 200 recipes for kim chi. Kim-chi is the most traditional Korean food and is present in every meal.
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13 Oct 2010