Sausage with potatoes and milk

Submitted by enr on 10 Nov 2009
3 cooked sausages
200 g bacon
1 onion
4 boiled potatoes
1 cup canned tomatoes
100 g grated cheese
3 eggs
1 cup milk
salt, savory
Sausage with potatoes and milk
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All products are cut and poured into an oiled pan. Eggs are broken, mixed with milk and add the remaining products. Seasoned with salt and add a little savory. Mix well and bake in middle BBQ in a moderate oven until browned.
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10 Nov 2009


Maggie, you another quick, easy and delicious recipe!

Ina, thank you! It was after bull refrigerator :)

m not very good-looking. And certainly very tasty.

Maggie, again a good recipe to try it even launched already placed a picture and my husband liked it very

Thanks Danny, can put other sausages or replace sausage. But bacon gives a specific taste :)

Super! Thanks for MIGHT :)

quickly prepared and really tasty, thank you :)

Someone was quite eager to experience the wonderful meal :) Congratulations, great and easy retseptichka.

Fast and delicious. Thank you!

As seen from my photos, can be prepared in ceramic casseroles. And as you know, all that was cooked in a clay pot is great!

cheese to the products you mix or sprinkle on top?

cheese put to products not sprinkle on top. This avoids the preparation of the solid crust, which is obtained in principle in the grating of the cheese on top.

Thanks Maggie, so I did. Very tasty dish became. Serve it with yogurt :) Only one thing I did not like onions, I think that should be fried in advance or do not put in the dish slightly because munched, had not baked enough, but everything else is great. Thanks for the recipe

It was great!