Shortcake Bayadera

Submitted by enr on 12 Feb 2014
9 tbsp water
200 g sugar
150 g chopped walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts
250 g biscuits
170 g butter
100 g chocolate
1 tbsp rum or rum extract
# For glaze:
100 g cooking chocolate
20 g butter
Shortcake Bayadera
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In a pot put the water and sugar content and heat over low heat until sugar is melted. Add the butter, remove the pan from heat and stir until the butter is melted. Once the butter is completely melted, add the chopped / minced meat nuts and finely crushed biscuits and stir until a thick mixture. The resulting mixture separated into two parts. Melt the chocolate in a water bath and add it in one half of the mixture with the walnuts, the other part add some rum. In covered with greased baking paper a rectangular baking dish (24 cm) pour first mixture and square shape with hands, as the top and the edges smooth out with a spoon. Top likewise spread the second mixture. chocolate glaze melt in a water bath, add a little butter (about 20 g) and the resulting glaze coat Bayaderata. Allow to harden well in the refrigerator (at least overnight), then cut pastries.
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12 Feb 2014
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Site zajenata is a thieving site for recipes to recipe photos do not meet at that cake, it is good to try a recipe and if the result is good to share. There are many recipes from chef cheerful, with changed names and without specifying the source. I've recipe from this site and the final result has nothing to do with the picture presented to the cake, the answer to the admins is that the original picture quality and not have put another picture that has nothing to do with the recipe and everything negative written about them go. .

recipe I was recommended by a friend. Today I plan to perform it and get a picture.

cake made very precise recipe. I got to see pictures of three lines: at bottom with chocolate, chocolate without middle row, third row: chocolate. I put the cake in the refrigerator to set tomorrow as a cut piece will get another shot. The mixture does not divided more equally and my bottom line became more than the average. Trying until she was cooking and barely restrain myself not to eat now ... very very tasty. I used nuts nuts and Cuban rum. :) When the glaze should be very quick to act that quickly tightens.

cake promises to be very tasty, and it's very easy. Put in favorite until her turn comes (hopefully be soon). I guess I can replace the water with fresh milk?

Yes, I believe that water could be replaced by fresh milk. :)

I am glad that it is successful and mostly delicious.

I uploaded a picture of the final result, after the cake stay overnight in the refrigerator. Very tasty cake, but unfortunately very calorie and do not know how will be charged only eat one piece a day. For today's feast worthy dessert!

Danny, what are you going to change the name of *Cake Bayadera*? These 20 minutes are not quite accurate - 20 minutes if very fast and its measured time + at least one night in the refrigerator. Maybe even *Sweet Bayadera* or *Dessert Bayadera* - because the distorted translation from English (from Torte Bayadera, torte cake is not), which in turn is distorted by Croatian (original recipe is Croatian) I do not sound right to Bulgarian.

OK, change it as you think's best. :)

And for those who will make the cake to say that smell reminds me an real lot of cake station and also sweet sausage of this type.

Very tasty dessert. I made small changes. I bought inadvertently ordinary tea biscuits with cocoa. Therefore divided the mixture into two bowls. I added chocolate with chocolate biscuits. Rearranged, chocolate mixture on top and bright mixture / without rum /. As I crossed the chocolate, I added one crowded hour. L. Peanut butter and spread on top. Great work. Next time I will do better the pan, the same amount and slice like candy. Thanks for the recipe.

Ivalina, I'm glad you liked it. :)