Shortcake with jam - III type

Submitted by enr on 18 Oct 2011
2 eggs
1 cup sunflower oil
1 cup sugar
10 g baking powder
flour as you take
walnuts (optional)
powdered sugar for sprinkling
Shortcake with jam - III type
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Involved soft dough (this oil). In a greased tray by pressing distributes more than half. On it greased with plenty of jam (can be added and walnuts). The rest of the dough doizmesva with a little more flour (to be almost friable) and grater grate cheese evenly over sweet. Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 40 minutes (depending on oven). Once completely cool sprinkle with powdered sugar.
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18 Oct 2011


I liked the recipe, I was wondering how to make the cake for a charity evening and pretty sweet I do pent sweet but no one to eat them! I'll post a picture!

This pie and I do it, it is very nice and always successful. Dideoxy thanks for reminding me about this recipe I left it these days will do :)

I will prepare tonight!

Didi how big pan?

Hello, I hope you like it sladkishcheto. It is really very easy, you can not help out. Usually do with home jam prunes, but the lack of such, last night it prepared with fig jam. I get that. The size of the pan - 28 cm. - Standard baking pan.

easy and delicious cake

Bistrac looks great - very glad that you liked.

Very tasty and easy cake.