Simple layered cake with raspberries and cream

Submitted by enr on 06 Mar 2011
1 ready base of three layers of your choice
1 compote of raspberries (450 ml)
3 full tbsp starch or flour 2 tbsp
600 ml cream
3 sachets fixative cream
6 tbsp sugar (or to taste)
Simple layered cake with raspberries and cream
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Vanilla cream mix with 3 tbsp sugar (or to taste), vanilla and latch. Compost is passaged, strain and boil. Put him 3 tbsp sugar (or to taste) and fuzzy in some water starch. Beat with wire. Boil, stirring, for about a minute and remove from heat. The first layer of the base clamp in the ring cake, pour half of the compote and left to catch the crust. Distribute a little more than 1/3 of the cream. Affixed to the second layer and pressed. The second half of the compote was stirred with a wire and poured onto the base. Allow again to catch and crust and is coated with the majority of the remaining cream. Insert the third base and smeared thinly with the last part of the cream. Leave in refrigerator for 8 hours, remove the hoop and is decorated optional. * decoration Image of candy Raphael and another 400 ml cream with 2 packets retainer and 2 tbsp sugar. In cream fillings and cream decoration was put the coconut milk flavor. Cream for filling and raspberry table are colored with beetroot juice. * If you enjoyed compote another not so sour fruit, slightly acidified with lemon juice contrast to cream. * do is very simple and fast. While stirring the cream compote is compressed and can begin assembly. All making takes about 25 minutes, my son it named Cake Quick-Quick.
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06 Mar 2011


really easy and quick recipe. A mouth-watering photos of evident and that is delicious! I love cakes with cream! Will put it to favorites waiting line! Thank you!

Desi, in case pastry is light, but with cocoa cake to me personally is delicious.

Great cake Bravo. Fast and delicious.

Very good combination of taste and color - raspberries and cream, pink and white!

Frankly did not make any cakes and did not know how, but that tempted me and I think to dare to do this week.

Nelly, go boldly. This recipe is so easy that I never I had recorded, more memory and eye do with it. And almost always ready with cake - I do not have time for cake *more so*, and do not have time for baking cake. Come success and your meal!

rally wonder proposal - fast, easy, tasty. Congratulations!