Spinach roll * Zoe *

Submitted by enr on 02 Jan 2012
# For the base:
400 g frozen spinach
3 eggs
3 tbsp flour
50 ml milk
pepper, salt
cumin, turmeric
# For the filling:
500 g cream cheese or yogurt + 2 tbsp breadcrumbs
2 cloves garlic - pressed
2 tbsp ground walnuts
1 roasted red pepper
Spinach roll * Zoe *
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Thawed spinach is squeezed out of the water and mix in a bowl with the eggs, flour, milk salt and other spices. All stir until evenly mixed. Cover pan with baking paper and spread the mixture into a rectangular shape about 0.5 cm thick and bake at 200C for 15-20 minutes or until ready. We prepare the cream filling the feta cheese, garlic and dill the walnuts. The baked and cooled base pay back on baking paper, greased it around with the filling and arrange cut strips of red pepper on top. Using the paper rolled up again and screwed into it is placed in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Cut into pieces with a sharp knife submerged in water. * Spices are according to your own taste and red pepper can replace ham, salmon or other on your preference.
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02 Jan 2012


Very, very nice recipe! A picture is great, bravo!

looks fantastic - zadylzhitelno will try the recipe

Uauuuuu, amazing recipe. I like a lot, immediately to favorites. VERY SOON will try. BRAVO!

Many beautiful pictures and sounds pretty tasty.

Wonderful pictures and recipe!

Bravo for the idea. Another is when the dish has a good appearance. The combination of products is super

I love, whether spinach can be replaced with dock?

Thank you, ladies, for good grades. Sirena, always ready with spinach, dock for I do not know how to get, but why not

recipe is incredibly delicious! I received a lot of praise and great reviews, I want to tell you :) I just changed form, ie instead roll it up, cut it into three long strips, which put together with cream. Top and sides also plastered it with cream goal increased the small amount of filling. Many thanks to the precise and beautiful recipe! :)

Aliana, nice! And I have long his invite to this roll.

Hmm ... Zore, this picture is duplicated something ... picture number 8 is the same.

recipe is great