Submitted by enr on 05 Mar 2011
1.5 kg potatoes
250 g leek
100 g cornmeal
100 ml sunflower oil
3 eggs
50 g savory butter
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Peel the potatoes, wash and cut into cubes. Add chopped leeks and the cornmeal. Add salt and mix well. Pour into the pan, greased with plenty of sunflower oil and pour hot water to cover the potatoes. Top pour beaten eggs. To bake mode. Remove from the oven and place top lumps of butter salt and cooled down, cut into pieces and served with a salad of your choice, and maybe yogurt (tarator).
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05 Mar 2011
with.Malka Arda Smolyan


I like the Rhodope cuisine. I have a question concerning eggs - obviously not mix with other products. While the potatoes are ready, they are not you baked? And what does *salted butter*? Should add a little salt in it you?

There is no danger of toast eggs as they dissolve with water into the actual putting them in the dish. If you worry, put them eventually (as in moussaka). On oil-in extraction of domestic oil is placed salt for greater durability, but can be replaced with store-bought. Still in the Rhodope region, the people themselves, the products and the recipe I wrote it down, as I said, but changes are possible.

For butter and assumed, but still wanted to clarify, because I like the recipe and want to try. Years ago I saw in a village in Gabrovo about killing butter from fresh milk and it really is without salt. Then he added ..

This I have eaten very nice :)

Sounds interesting. Too bad that no leeks still in stores, but will try out this recipe. :)

Today I bought a leek from Carrefour will try then :)

There comes a season of leeks. Great suggestion! I think to try this recipe.