Strawberry tiramisu with cottage cheese

Submitted by enr on 15 May 2011
700 g strawberries
+70 200 g sugar
3 eggs
4 tbsp liqueur amaretto
2 tbsp lime syrup
400 g leydifingars or Lady fingers
400 g cottage cheese
300 g sour cream
150 g cooking cream without sugar
3 vanilla
2 tbsp dried lemon peels or lemon nastagan
4 tbsp cocoa
# For decoration:
100 + 100 g cooking cream without sugar
70 g sugar
100 g white chocolate
150 g of dark chocolate
50 g cashew
Strawberry tiramisu with cottage cheese
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On water bath Beat the eggs with the sugar until the mixture triples in volume. Beat the cottage cheese, sour cream and liquid. Add vanilla, grated lemon peel and lime syrup. Mix gently to mix to the egg and cream mixture. Cocoa boil in 300 ml water and sugar, add the liqueur finally. Orders in baking biscuits, for 5 seconds dip them in chocolate. Put a few tablespoons of cream and glazed. Top stack sliced ​​strawberries. Then again turn biscuits, cream, strawberries, etc. The uppermost layer of cream place whipped cream for decoration. Dip strawberries and cashew nuts in white and dark chocolate and decorate. Upon presentation can decorate and Ghana. * Preferably the eggs are fresh and home. * strawberries dipped in chocolate, in order, until the cake stand at least 12 hours in the refrigerator to prevent bleeding strawberries.
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15 May 2011


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