Stuffed figs

Submitted by enr on 19 Aug 2009
8 tight ripe figs
50 g walnuts or other nuts optional
150 g Philadelphia or other fresh feta cheese
pinch of vanilla sugar
honey and ground cloves for sprinkling
Stuffed figs
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Figs cut cap from to handle and carve a spoon. Carved flesh creases, mixed with the feta cheese, chopped walnuts and vanilla. The mixture is filled in figs and allowed to stand for at least 1 hour at room temperature, and then cooled. Each fig is dripped with honey and sprinkle sparingly with cloves. Put the lids and are served.
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19 Aug 2009


A great combination of cheese and figs ... the flavors complement each other. Bravo, Raleigh!

Rally again wonderful treats :)

Well done, good very tasty Rally!

I love figs and these will try them :) As I saw first reminded me of some who sell them here in some gourmet shops (special are yummy) - dried figs large stuffed with Mascarpone (slightly sweetened) .. . Will have to seek a recipe if there are any tricks when preparing :)

Well, puts it, sounds very tempting - with mascarpone! End of restraints ...

I make them stuffed with walnuts, but in jars for the winter. Now will try so. A village and they are great ... :)

More than 15 years I could not look at them, so I was tired! We have two trees fell straight and nobody paid attention! Now 2-3 years again eat them with pleasure, except that no tree here ...

interesting combination. Now we will look for figs!