Sweet rice

Submitted by enr on 13 Mar 2009
1 cup rice
1 stick cinnamon
peeled rind of 1 lemon
1 package cream milk powder
1l milk
1/2 cup sugar
Sweet rice
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In court put cinnamon sticks, lemon peel, 1 cup water. When the water boils put rice and sugar. To soften rice milk is added. Should be a thin mixture. Last solution in a little milk milk cream and stir. A creamy, and reduced cinnamon and lemon rind. This reconstituted rice is poured into small bowls or one large platter, as garnish with cinnamon powder. When sprinkling can draw different figures.
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13 Mar 2009


Can you say what is this milk cream

Surely this is milk cream pudding.

interesting pudding. A packet milk cream probably is ready-without cooking where they are. Milk with rice sounds / sutlyash / only with cream :)

Here in Portugal, this is the name, but also saw similar in Bulgaria may be puddingta fruit or pudding, says sweety. I tried a taste of pineapple.

tasty Ive probably will try it :)

Yes, this is a favorite dessert of Portuguese and is very aromatic and tasty.

pudding interesting! Bravo :)

Today I tried it with vanilla and became incredible. The recipe is very good. Try it!

It looks very nice

And very tasty, decorated with cinnamon is a matter of imagination ..

wow what beautiful decorations! 'Mozhe Anyone tell me what made these drawings ... I wanted to say in what you put cinnamon to paint?