Tart with vanilla cream

Submitted by enr on 14 Jun 2010
7 egg whites + 3 tbsp sugar
8 heaped tbsp flour +15 g baking powder
7 yolks +5 tbsp sugar
# For the cream:
1.5 liters of fresh milk
600 g sugar
270 g flour
75 g starch Vanilla
190 g butter
# For decoration:
3 kiwi
2 oranges
2 bananas
# sugar syrup:
1 cup sugar
2 cup Water
Tart with vanilla cream
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Whip snow with sugar, egg yolks also. Mix. Add the sifted flour with baking powder. Stir the mixture was divided into 3 parts and baked three trays in the base of size 25h45 cm. Bake at 200 C 10-15 minutes. Of these products without the butter Boil the cream and after cool add the butter. Cake piecing as follows: One base is syrupy, smeared with more cream, second base also syrupy, smeared with cream and the top is placed the remaining base. Cover with cream on it and line up the fruit, cut optional. In the gelatin is poured little sugar syrup or juice compote (light) and allowed to swell, then melted in a water bath. With the resulting gelatin solution was coated fruits. Leave in refrigerator to harden gelatin.
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14 Jun 2010


Ivalina how to put gelatin topping? This fruitcake is obviously very light and juicy, refreshing. If you can, put a picture to see clearly how it looks! Assessment will put after tasting her.

I put two bags, but her mother told me that the quantity is optional. Image I / unfortunately /.

I will try, like my kind, even sounds easy

The other day I tried flan on Sunday. It turned out that the recipe is the same and Zvezdev is made. So that the cake is a recipe Nedelya.

And this sugar 600 grams is not a lot to 1. 5l milk?

You can put your taste. Depending on how sweet you like.

For topping / in place of gelatin / can be used and salad fruit pastries and cakes etc. Oetker. Great going with her, there may be other brands, but I have not gotten yet. And this cake is a winter version :) bananas, kiwi, orange and pomegranate.

Well, not like flan on Sunday, but it is great! Thanks for the recipe. This is the first cake that I do and get right the first time! :)

I'm glad you like it.