Tutmanik lemonade

Submitted by enr on 07 Jan 2010
1 kg of flour
500 ml lemonade
42 g yeast
2 eggs
1 tbsp salt
1 tsp sugar
200 g of crumbled feta cheese
1 tbsp sunflower oil
Tutmanik lemonade
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Eggs are broken half lemonade. The yeast was dissolved in the other half, and then is added to the eggs. Add salt, sugar, the oil and crumbled feta cheese. Stir, then the flour was added and while stirring with a wooden spoon until a thick paste. Suitable tray oil and flour dough spread and allow to rise. When risen, bake in preheated oven until golden-brown color.
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07 Jan 2010


interesting recipe.I think it a try.The pictures look very good.

Try it, you really can not go wrong.I currently do it again.We especially liked the taste is slightly sweet and combined with cheese gets deliciously.

Very well! Will try it, but instead will use lemonade soda - just do not like sweet-salty taste.

I love salty-sweet combination.Just for me.

Nezanam how you perceive it home to sweet and I think to do with gazitana water :)

Looks good, but oil is not it a bit much?

There is not a bit. Note that the baking pan is oiled and 1c. l oil in the dough, is sufficient.

I did it, but half dose and 6 tablespoons oil and colored salt. Became well and truly no sweet taste.

Bravo, tet, with colorful salt tasty you? What get put as much oil do not know, may be nice, but I do not like so fat ..

With colorful salt is just great even reminds me of my university years. As for oil - was not greasy, although the houses hate everything blissful. With less fat to me more like a cake.

Aaaaaa, tet, my receive and he maznichak, but not much. Became their cheese cake, not asking. Your version with colored salt will soon try it :) By the way I did last night cheese cake with soda water, cheese, crushed olives and ham .. Very tasty obtained.

And if we count the mushrooms ........ It became ....... Well, it would be good.

Very nice and successful recipe :)

cheese cake was very tasty and so easy to make and will taste sweet.