Vegan banitsa nettles and bulgur

Submitted by enr on 09 Apr 2011
400 g filo pastry sheets
600-700 g nettle (spinach, sorrel, salt bush)
1 cup bulgur
onions - 2-3 heads old, 1-2 leeks or 1 bunch fresh
3/4 cup sunflower oil
Vegan banitsa nettles and bulgur
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The bulgur pour 1 cup hot water, cover tightly, and allow to swell. Chopped onion stew in a little oil. Add chopped zelenishi and sauté 2-3 minutes. Mix with the bulgur. The mixture add salt to taste. Namaslyava is one crust. On it is placed second namaslyava and sprinkle the filling. Wound on a roll and place in greased pan. As line up all the sheets sprinkled with remaining oil. Bake in a preheated oven at about 190 C. Bake banitsa immediately cover tightly to soften. Serve with yogurt or kefir.
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09 Apr 2011


sounds very tasty, will try.

And to me it sounds delicious. Under groats understood our, right (crushed wheat) and not Turkish (type couscous - I do not know how to define it in another way:-)?

bulgur currently have is Bulgarian / no stops what Turkish / of IZZI. Is fine and very quickly prepared. Before I used a little big, I do not remember whose it was. Just interleave dishes - with milled rice, brown rice, bulgur with. Each of these products provides another taste and appearance of the dish. That fasting can add cheese and eggs in the filling / taking care of salt, of course /.

Great pie, I made it with spinach and raztochih puff pastry thinly peel instead because I did not. Next time I'll try the recipe exactly!

Eli, great picture! With a puff dough guess that has become crispy. Top you put cheese? Looks so delicious crust! Thank you for your trust recipe!

I'm glad you like the photo has cheese on top to :)

I made the pie, but with spinach and buckwheat get super

rumy, I'm glad you used the idea of ​​the recipe and I prepared another variation, with healthy products! :)

Incredibly successful result! During fasting, food as this pie a luxury :) course without cheese and sump.

bobibean, in the form they propose it is lean :). I am glad that you like!

Ina pie is gorgeous, I will try and I to do with Lent without fasting in both cases goes, it's great.

Well, not only during fasting eat meatless dishes and desserts :) And now began to grow zeleniykite, so it's just in time. Expect results! :)

Rice also you pour water to swell?

cream pie I have not done with rice, but if used, it should be pre-cooked (a ratio of 1 cup of rice, 2, 5 or 3 cups water). I apologize for the late reply, but a few days does not use a computer.

:) Thanks, tillia! Will *stir up* these days and will upload photos! Happy Easter to all!