Whole chicken in a pot with vegetables

Submitted by enr on 28 Apr 2010
1 chicken - about 1.5 kg
4 potatoes
1 carrot
1 sprig fresh onions
200 g marinated mushrooms
2 tbsp margarine
spices of your choice
dill, parsley
500 g peeled canned tomatoes
Whole chicken in a pot with vegetables
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Chicken washed, dried and put in a whole ring casseroles, side lining potato cubes, mushrooms (whole or chopped), chopped carrot and onion and tomatoes. Add spices of your choice. Chicken smeared with margarine and sprinkle with red pepper, pour water to cover the chicken and bake at least 2 hours at 180 C. Finally, add dill and parsley.
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28 Apr 2010


must be very tasty.

my sample, I like

Wonderful recipe may improvise with vegetables ..

yes, how many vegetables you like, what you love what

Today tzi prepared chicken recipe and really was very tasty. I put water enough to cover the vegetables and almost no chicken, but again I stuva that was a lot of water when it was baked to readiness. The next time you prepare it will put less water because vegetables and chicken juices released during cooking and becomes very liquid. Otherwise, it is worth to try, I recommend it.

emp i put more water that tomatoes becomes nice sauce and child very much melting, but maybe with a little water