Zucchini with milk

Submitted by enr on 28 Dec 2012
3-4 green onions
4 zucchini
6 cloves garlic
2 tomatoes
1 cup milk
paprika, black pepper, salt
fresh mint
Zucchini with milk
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Fry in sunflower oil briefly chopped onion, then add the garlic and diced courgettes, as moussaka. And stew them for 5 minutes and add the paprika, black pepper, tomatoes (diced or mashed) and salt. Mix and valleys as much water as to cover the vegetables lightly. Leave to simmer on medium heat. Once the dish is ready and the water is almost poizvryala, pour 1 cup milk and dusted with plenty of mint. * The combination of zucchini with fresh milk, rather gives a more dense and rounded taste of the dish than to get an odd mix. Becomes incredibly delicious summer cooked meal. * If the scent of mint you do not like, can finally dusted with plenty of parsley. I personally combination of zucchini, garlic, milk and mint I like more.
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28 Dec 2012