Berliner (Berlin donuts) without egg

Submitted by enr on 29 Jan 2010
750 g flour
1 and 1/2 packet of dry yeast (yeast for 750 g flour)
350 g of milk
80 g sugar
125 g butter
400 g jam or sweet optional - for filling
crystal and powdered sugar - for sprinkling
200 ml sunflower oil - for frying
Berliner (Berlin donuts) without egg
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In a bowl mix the warm milk, sugar and melted butter, Beat wire to melt the sugar. Add the flour mixed with yeast, little by little, as in the early fight with wire and then doizmesva hands. Prepared stiff dough. Allow to rise until a visible increase in size, about 45 minutes. Roll out the dough to a thickness of about 1.5 cm. With a glass cut circles. Proceed so until the dough is used. Circles rank of clean towels and cover souring again about 20 minutes should be visible poizduti. Heat the oil for frying at about 1/2 to 2/3 of the capacity of the heat. Depth should be about 0.5 cm. Donuts fry on both sides until brown at the correct depth of the fat for frying donuts remain a characteristic bright ring in the middle (see photos). Leave to cool. During this time, pass a jam and put in a syringe or Posh with long sharp tip. Each donut pierced side and filled with jam. Finally, sprinkle with powdered sugar or pressed into a crystal. * You may not be filled, then still hot is candied and eaten immediately. * cool donuts can decorate with icing sugar, pearls, etc.
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29 Jan 2010


I look like donuts Duncan DONUTS will try.

Wonderful recipe. Just like American famous donuts.

leleeeeee kakvisa hubaviiii mmm

With recipes like this is difficult to maintain the diet, look great once again proved that his best on the site.

My mother did something. Rally your next delicacies goes to Favorites!

Aliana, dear, you're a real treasure and my salvation - my daughter loves donuts, and these are easy to implement. Go to Favorites and soon will try.

Rally, another delicious and complex recipe.Goes to favorites and will definitely be tested!

twice so far I have tried to do donuts and still fail, but these look quite delicious and hope to hit them at last.

Thanks for the recipe this time have become.

Galle, look very good, bravo! As I see have a filling. Last time I was not able to fill them.

This Saturday so. Tomorrow will try them. I think that I never will. I'll write about my result.

I want to tell you that these donuts themselves are very fast and easy. Thank you for the nice Aliana retseptaTaka as you described, just so you become.

I did them, but if you do not eat soon become hard and throw, and the dose of me came out pretty.

As I cool them wrapped in a plastic bag and were mekichki 2 days, because the third day he left.

are Super! Bravo

Svetlozara, all fried foods for consumption on the same day - donuts, cakes, fritters. It knows it is not a criterion for determining the quality of a recipe. I am glad that you liked fresh. That is important. The dose may be increased or reduced - according to the needs of the household. I am intentionally written number because it depends with what glass is cut. We particularly like them smaller.

I do not get a firm dough, although fulfilled all right. Otherwise its rise. And when izparzhih donuts, except that the middle had a bright ring, this ring remained dough. In general have been amazing ... I do not know where I am wrong?

Even very uncomfortable when you put work and not work. And I hate to read. I do not know where it might be a mistake because it is a proven recipe. I sit and wonder at the moment. I have only one explanation - except the type of flour is another. My daughter was visiting at the time and she tells me that this world meal was more *intense*, ie Bulgaria where she put 3 cups, put here only 2.5 glasses because otherwise its compact baking. No one had mentioned it here on the site for such a discrepancy. Really can not think of another reason. Please write what you wrote flour, what type.

I just kept my recipe and instructions pregotvyaneto and received great. The recipe is given with very precise proportion. Usually used flour TIP500

may be fried over high heat and therefore outside browning and remain raw inside.

Yes, you can, but even wrote that the dough before it is not too. I explain it with flour. What I use, type 405, this is supposedly the equivalent of type 500 in BG. That is. The most used for home baking.

Well flour, which I used was for bread and cakes, a blue pack, if anyone remembers ... Otherwise it is possible and has been a strong fire .. But in the beginning I tried to weak and did not become people. Became as large fritters ...

are great and many. became my first time. thanks for excellent recipe from men`

I mean for those who seek causes of type flour he been shown to the percentage of ash in it sadarzhanie example Tip500 - 0.5%. White flour is made from the middle of the wheat grain and ash sadarzhanie is not screened lyusti grain. Type 1850 in wholemeal grind whole grain with the husk (fiber), enough to type. If you use flour Sofiyamel carefully look at what is penadznacheno because of flour sofiyamel add artificial enhancers gluten and so on. Flour for cake encapsulates the highest percentage gluten (a type of protein) that makes the dough tough. Flour with a high gluten sadarzhanie are better kuzonatsi pasta, bread and so on. and the problem of the amount of input flour is that some flours have higher density. If you want to check if the flour is high in moisture otgrebete a handful of flour squeeze him hard and at the opening of a handful depending can get the ball if not almost fall apart, this means that the flour has a high humidity, if burst of ... 2.3 parts Naro and so on. is less moisture.

became very delicious! I filled them with strawberry jam. Jump can not stop to eat ...Thank you for sharing this recipe with us Aliana!

I am very happy :) The pictures are great!

I try them on, but I want to ask if it is made with fresh yeast if you get the same result, a problem you will be

There is no problem, dissolve the yeast in the milk and then proceed recipe. It takes about 3/4 Cubes of fresh yeast. Success and to share how you liked :)