Hot bombs

Submitted by enr on 18 Nov 2008
300 g minced meat
2 tomatoes
1 green pepper
1 tsp paprika
1 onion
1 pressed garlic clove
1 kg potatoes
2 eggs
1 tsp white pepper
1/3 cup milk
Hot bombs
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Chop the onion finely and sauté the butter, add the chopped pepper and tomato, red pepper and garlic. Add the minced meat, salt and white pepper. Stew until the fat remains. Peel the potatoes, cut and boil in salted water. Place a lump of butter, milk and smash mashed. The whole was allowed to cool for about an hour. Then a handful spread a little puree (to cover the palm), put 1-2 tablespoons of stuffing and rolls on all sides with him. With wet hands formed into balls, breaded in bread crumbs and egg and fry in preheated oil. Drain on paper. Serve on lettuce, in the company of cold beer.
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18 Nov 2008


Wow-is-is just how it sounds! The recipe is super interesting! I have already added it to favorites! Bravo Maggie! I will probably do, but I would put bombs in a baking dish and roast them. Thanks!

Thank you, have a amazing beer!

And I add the recipe to Favorites! Congratulations Maggie!

Spices if you want to add optional, but the tomato flavor very well! Thank you!

I have it too add to favorites, but ask - do not take a lot of fat?

It depends on how maznotii are squeezed in minced meat, so I put a little choking her. A salad and beer balance greasy food to me.

It is because they do not know what's in minced meat, always buy your meat and grind it alone. My point is that when frying bombs not take much oil.

Yes, take, although they put a towel (kitchen roll), as in everything I panicked.

It is very tasty, but if you is not so fat can not put oil on the potatoes.

very good looking, and these zeleninki ... One big bravo, Maggie.

Thank you! And without oil will not crumble potatoes?

I think that not only bland mashed potatoes, and when fried bear fat. Output is paper towels, as they Maggie asked, I assume everything you put it on kitchen paper.

On the photo look great. Put them to Favorites.

It is easy and very interesting - I will.

I really liked this recipe will definitely try and I am sure it will be my favorite.

And in the oven tried Has anyone ?! I'll take a try!

I tried to roast them, but if they do I think that they should not be breaded in bread crumbs and egg. Be sure to write how it is received.

They became great, but a little larger than those of the picture because small I could not shape them. 5-6 was not enough of the filling and put inside a piece of cheese, rose and so.

Iliana oven you bake them?

Tomorrow will surely do them and will write reviews :)

I like and I would have eaten them with pleasure :)

They look very appetizing! I do something similar, but in the form of rolls. Many are delicious, really. Next time I will make them in your version - hot bombs! :)

look great! Bookmark

Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to it and to pass warm beer! :)

We'll do look tasty, albeit greasy with beer would be great appetizer!

Lindsay, thank you! I have not made them, nice reminded me :)

very appetizing seems to favorites is

... sounds great. Bravo and thank you for the recipe! To favorites ...

I made them for guests were fascinated. Thank you, Maggie.

Now as warm super appetizer for beer, thank you!

Many are delicious.

Nelly look nice in the picture, thank you!

Maggie, they are great! Some of them rolled in cornflakes!

Mitya, your idea to roll in kornfeyks I loved it, will try :)

Delicious and easy!