Balls of feta cheese in sugar syrup Rasgulla

Submitted by enr on 03 Jun 2011
2 liters of fresh milk
8 tbsp lemon juice
750 g sugar
1.2 liters of water
Balls of feta cheese in sugar syrup Rasgulla
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Milk boils, add him lemon juice and stir well to cross bodily - whey is clear, and the cottage cheese tight. If necessary, add a little lemon juice. Pour into a sieve pasta covered with platnena cloth. Optional whey can be saved and used for another recipe, such as bread or simit. The towel clamp, so as to squeeze nice. Hang for a while to drain. The solid cottage cheese is breaded. batter is kneaded with hands, crushing and pretriva to become smooth and creamy. On it are formed bead 20. Boil sugar and water, allowed to boil for 5 minutes. Then reduce the fire so that the syrup to boil softly. It put 4-5 balls at once and boil 10 minutes. Do not place in many once as swell during cooking. Remove and put the next. When all the balls boil, return all in the syrup removed from heat, allowed to cool and stand for at least four hours soaked. In the syrup can add rose water or water from kiuda (or kiura - the color of pandanus-palm). * Some recipes in the batter and put 2 tsp starch or 1-2 tbsp semolina. * Serve in bowls with syrup and topped optional.
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03 Jun 2011


Hmm, Raleigh, very interesting recipe sweet. Should and store-bought cheese to happen, but ... you know ... I'll try someday these balls :)

Vesi at least curd that is sold here is very creamy, like whipped cream. It in no case can be made marbles. I often do fried recipes I put a few here, and always do it by hand because they like us or one of the products on the market. Good luck if you decide to try.

Very interesting, from which kitchen (nationality) is the recipe. I liked that the products are not special, but the result is very original. Balls do not fall apart as you are boiled in syrup? VERY beautifully presented recipe stylish, interesting to me is what is or salty taste -sladak -sladak?

:) It is noted above - Indian :) I've only eaten them, but I do them more. A week ago I was in an Indian restaurant and tried them for the first time. Are sweet, no salt in the recipe. The ones I tried were flavored with kiuda. The recipe looked later and uploaded it here. The pictures are not mine, but of the net, but you're right - very stylish are served :)