Colorful salad of roasted peppers

Submitted by enr on 04 Mar 2012
7-8 peppers
60 g feta cheese
2 skalidki garlic
60 g cheese
egg 1
2 tbsp sunflower oil
Colorful salad of roasted peppers
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Peppers chopped. Add crumbled feta cheese. the oil and crushed garlic. All this confusion. Grated cheese and egg and sprinkle with them.
Very easy
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04 Mar 2012


and I added a few boiled potatoes! Delicious salad!

Yes corrosive and delicious salad.

salad is delicious!

VERY sweet picture Reni! This time 6 six plus! Super!

Thanks, Pepi! I wanted to surprise men, so I tried.

salad is delicious ... The arrangement is divine! Bravo. Hey beauties such love.

Reni, perfect picture again! Great beauty!

Girls, thanks! I just made one more.

Rennie, great ideological and layouts! Congratulations!

Rennie, just like salad, but I never thought about as original layout! Good for you! Thank you for the ideas you give!

Milena, thanks! Glad you like the photos!

renito, again beautifully decorating. I'm very happy.

Elti straight bombarded me with compliments! Thank you very much!

I liked a lot. Great salad. CONGRATULATIONS

Very nice salad!