Mushroom mess with leeks

Submitted by enr on 12 Nov 2011
500 g mushrooms - mushrooms, royal mushrooms
100 g bacon
4 leeks
300 g chicken
100 ml sunflower oil
70 g flour
120 g butter
300 g sour cream
salt, pepper, parsley
Mushroom mess with leeks
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Cut bacon and leeks into small pieces. Fry in the oil. Cut the mushrooms into slices. Add mixture to fry chicken nuggets and sliced ​​mushrooms. Leave to cook and soften the products. In the butter fry flour. Pull from heat and add the hot water, which are optional mushroom bouillon cube dissolved. The water is about 700 ml. Stir vigorously. Pour the mixture in the mushrooms and reduce the heat. Cook for 10-15 minutes. Add sour cream. Cook another 5-10 minutes. Season with pepper, salt and parsley. Serve with slices with butter, sunny and cut stalks of wild garlic * Garlic chives * or cheese.
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12 Nov 2011


Wow, how tasty it sounds! Go for products today will cook. And the photos are not only beautiful and aromatic :)

expected to be delicious, but it is obscenely delicious. No kralki mushrooms, and with them would be even more beautiful - I know how fragrant.

Last night I made dinner. Moreover, that is quick and easy and incredibly delicious! Bacon combines very well with chicken and mushrooms. I had some doubts about leeks, but once I tried it all dropped. I would never have thought to combine these particular products. Thanks for the great idea! The child does not like mushrooms, but this mess ate the whole plate.

instead of cream in other recipes I put mayonnaise, here it would work?

I'm glad you liked the mess. Is really delicious - right *indecent* :))). Thanks for evaluations. The question of suzi90 - I have not tried with mayonnaise, but I think that will be quite oily. Maybe instead of water - to put milk in butter - for Bechamel sauce.

Mmm, delicious mnoogo slurries happened! Thanks for the recipe!