Cheesecake with lemon and jam

Submitted by enr on 20 Jul 2013
385 g of sweetened condensed milk
300 g cream
300 g cream cheese
1 lemon
200 g biscuits (digestive)
65 g butter
jam, blueberry or cherry
In mixer Beat well condensed milk, gradually add the cream, the feta cheese and finally lemon juice. Shape with loose bottom - 26 cm diameter - molds and trampled with a spoon, an even layer, pre-ground and thoroughly mixed with the melted butter crackers. Spread cream on top, put in refrigerator for at least 2-3 hours and served with jam. In any case leave cheesecake on the bottom of the form.
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20 Jul 2013


oil is about 65 grams (half a pack of 125g)?

Yes, if you put in now, but it is very heavy. I have not done it with biscuits and such type of digestive and oil is enough to blind them, but you need good trampled. The recipe is from the professional.

I forgot to ask - what is the size of the pan?

26 cm, I think that is standard forms peelable bottom, but may lie

nelia, there is no standard size, has all sizes :) you can measure your order will fail?

nelia, although I do not know, I was sure of Greece recipe, do similar, with some modifications, but reading lemon, something seemed familiar. I feel that to me is a little lighter, but will try and this. I like the product, I also use digestive and I like especially those cookies, I think tea and others. similar too soft and absorbing moisture from the cream will soften and more, my opinion of course. As my oil is 125 g.

xevi, my form is 26 cm. Good luck!