Layered cake Aqua

Submitted by enr on 22 Jan 2011
3 ready the base - 2 white and 1 brown
# For the cream:
1 liter of water (or milk)
1 cup sugar
60 g starch
# To decorate:
chocolate figurines
Layered cake Aqua
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We take one deep bowl and wrap it inside a hollow foil, you have to go outside (then serve us for turning the cake). Cut 1 white and 1 brown base cubes. Do your cream in the usual way in boiling water put sugar and fuzzy starch with a little water and stir to thicken the cream. Pour a little of the cream in the bowl, put the top part of the white and brown cubes, a little chopped Turkish delight, cream again and so to finish the products. Top put the rest of the white base, but all that will then serve as a basis. Turn cake with fthe oil and leave to cool to harden (1 night). Turn on a tray and get out fthe oil. Rasim coconut top and arrange the figures. * The cake is very light and juicy.
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22 Jan 2011


Very interesting cake. Goes to favorites.

Today I made with homemade cream, cocoa cake and croissant. Can be done with the cake.

today will make tomorrow I have reasons to treat :)

The cake is great!

Yesterday I made cream boiled with milk and falsified with vanilla and a little oil. I put 500 g of fresh, sliced ​​strawberries, due to lack of delight. Became delicious, the taste of the latter must be predominant. This veneer with the bowl with foil him entirely spared - when the bowl, rinse with cold water and leave wet pudding does not stick and is separated easily. Sgafih only thing - the cup that I used, was not quite round inside ... and now the cake is prishtapnata as pillbox look :) Otherwise, no problem - like it is at all.

Another recipe that goes to favorites. Looks very appetizing. Will surely prepared!

Fast and delicious! Decked it with roses and chocolate cream! Thanks for the idea!

Villas, great picture! And the cake seems to be really light and easy!

Villas, do you have a picture of the piece? I'm curious, how it looks cut! :)

Rally, thanks! Pepi has not yet been cut, if I take pictures tonight will get a picture :)

Villas, wonderful decorations! :) Can you share how you made cream / composition and quantity /?

Villas, very beautiful cake you did! :)

Ina, Reni, thanks! Cream prepared smashing 400 ml cream, 200 g chocolate and cocoa 2-3. L.

Villas, congratulations! :) And I like in appearance and taste do not doubt ... Beauty! ;)

Thanks Bobby! :)

and today I took the recipe for Kate! By way of shaping cream I used cream cones. It was very tasty cake! :)