Chicken kavarma

Submitted by enr on 13 Oct 2009
500 g chicken fillet
4 leeks onion
250 g mushrooms mushrooms
1 red pepper
1 carrot
2 tomatoes
1/3 cup sunflower oil
1 tsp flour
spices - 1 tsp paprika 1 tsp black pepper, 1 tsp savory 1 tsp pikantina, 1 bay leaf, 6 cloves garlic
Chicken kavarma
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The meat is cut into pieces optional. Fry in fat. Leeks, mushrooms, carrot and pepper finely and add to the meat. Stew 15-20 minutes. Add grated tomatoes, flour and spices. The dish is baked in the oven for 30 minutes.
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13 Oct 2009


sounds delicious and will try obligatory

I prepare kavarma everything cut, put it in a large clay gyuvedzhe, add spices and then everything goes wrong bake.

tried but did not eat mushrooms because they became great before I worked on it a little secret but it is plural. a nice

just got ready become a wonderful, top put pieces of cheese and olives, very tasty cooked meal, thank you.

I'm going to prepare and do it in a large clay pot, once ready will write komantar how it happened. I will add a little white wine.

And I include, prepared it, and was very tasty. Super recipe. Thank you.

used portions of chicken and porcini mushrooms and filet instead. Baked it in a pot - became superb! Thanks for the recipe :)

girls instead of leek can you use plain onion?

I do not do with leeks and onions with.

kavarma it nice and onions.

VERY tasty. I do not put savory, but also added olives.

Would not you feel better before you put the dish in the oven to its grated cheese to seal top :)

You of course. Will become even more appetizing!

Auu ... unique taman pulled it from the oven and plate already! Is great! Thanks

Very nice recipe! :) Currently tested ..

really tasty, but eat the moment and forgot repeat all the sequence e pictures .. :) I have zapekoh in casseroles with a lid and used the leek. Extra happened! Thanks for the recipe!

behold, I now do ... quite appetizing smells

Great kavarma! Bravo!

If you do pork, will become delicious?

nancy, no problem to do with the other meat.

It is wonderful! Thank you. Smells great.

Mmm, delicious camp! :)

Super spicy is instead put old Bey

I did it a few times, but not put in furnata- Eat her from the pan. Dobyavyam and some water to have a sauce and finally a little parsley. Put only 2 leeks instead domati- home. puree. Becomes very tasty. Thank you. ;)

Very tasty I Peko in clay casseroles and Fry, put all raw!

Very tasty obtained without him ask in the oven. I put a little water and more for tomatoes have more sauce. Thanks for the good recipe. Greetings from South Africa

Last night we had this dish for dinner, it's delicious! Since no empty, did it with onions. I think the difference in taste will be small. ;) Veni, thanks for the recipe! :)

Greetings from Iceland! Was very tasty! I had leek and put a bunch green onions and a head old. I did not bake, put some water a little and let him choke. Thanks for the recipe!

A great recipe! Very tasty happened!

Very tasty get! Do not bake in the oven.

Great work! And I do not bake and I did wi mestse chicken backs. Thanks for the recipe!

One of the favorite dishes of the small :)

delicious :)

Beautiful kavarma, tastes great and is easy to prepare! Thanks for the recipe! :)

Yesterday January prepared and Tana great. Thanks for the recipe

Even my sasedi loved it, they first try that.

It was very tasty. :) I put plenty of water to have a lot of sauce, do not bake in the oven!

Very tasty happened! I added and 2 potatoes! Thank you! :)

Great recipe several times I'm doing, but I finally make omelets from eggs and omelette put in any less than kavarmatai fold it in half, becomes incredibly delicious.

Very tasty obtained. Great recipe. Goes to favorites and will often dwell on it :)