Kozunak for lazy brides

Submitted by enr on 11 May 2013
500 g flour
300 ml warm milk
100 g sugar
20 g fresh yeast or 7 g dry
125 g butter - softened but not melted
2 eggs
vanilla 1
lemon sheet optional
lemon juice
optional raisins and nuts
Kozunak for lazy brides
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In a deep bowl put 2-3 tbsp flour, yeast and 100 ml warm milk, stir nice to dissolve the yeast, cover with towel and let it rise ( about 20 minutes). Then add all other products and mix with mixer - with normal mixers. If you decide to add raisins and nuts after you finish the blender and add them with a spatula mix well dough. Sucking up to form cakes and sprinkle with bread crumbs (if your shape is rectangular, you can put baking paper and not smarmy form). Pour the mixture into the cover with a cloth and leave in a warm place for 40 minutes to rise (double volume) and put bake in preheated 160C oven until nice brown color and a dry stick (as you bake cakes). Once you bake let cool and then remove it from the form.
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11 May 2013


Mariyanche, go to favorites, I'll try this recipe!

I am glad that you liked the recipe, not sazhalyavash..az it like that is like cake and when to do it, at least I guaranteed success-like cake yeast but with taste and aroma of cake ..

How big is this pan dose?

I never done it in a baking dish, I always rules in a normal round shape cakes.

There are different sized cake forms:) Your what size is it?

There are different sized cake forms:) Your what size is it?

This picture shows that the form has a diameter of 25cm.

do not I have Mary as I said the recipe is for standard forms which are now sold in stores, including silicone cake molds ..

Hello, today I decided to try the recipe. I measured everything right but put 3 tablespoons more flour in the early yeast. Whether because of these 3 tablespoons more but to me at stirring mixer with the dough I was thick and I felt that I would burn mixer, began to Eaux Vives and continued with a spoon. Otherwise looks good, get out is up but personally I miss a little more sugar. Perhaps I am not doing very well, but it has a wonderful smell and taste of cake. Thanks for the recipe!

Tanya in printsipkozunatsite not sladki..no guess no problem is likely to increase zaharta..az I always do this cake Tommy Sunday after Easter, when distributed to pochinalite..che of Easter cakes hardly remain and do not interfere this marzeliviya..slagala am delight and raisins in a cake testoto..a beprilicha only yeast ..

Yes, Turkish delight would complement the taste :) Do you have any idea why but I get so thick dough? Only put 3 tablespoons more flour because confused. But my mixer until it spun and even filled with dough;) smelled and kept on hand. Would happen if confused with a spoon? Otherwise become delicious, do not know where to get a picture otherwise I would!

Tania 3 tablespoons flour sas its pretty thing -nyakade to 60-80 grams depends on lazhitsata..i because each meal takes a different amount of liquids is so loaded and mixer you ..To tell him do this cake of 92-93 year-learned it from a patient when I worked in a center for weight loss (Debelarium) .. and I've always done it exactly the recipe, because I do not ma with these cakes and therefore never do not do experiments with them and in particular with the basic ingredients and quantities ... but will not go wrong if you try on, her see what good has become your nothing that him dosheetala hand ..

Thank you :) I hope next time I received the blender!