Soup with dumplings wheat semolina Griessnockerlsuppe

Submitted by enr on 31 Mar 2014
50 g butter
1 egg
100 g semolina from durum wheat
1 pinch salt
1 pinch ground nutmeg
1 bouillon cube
1 carrot
to garnish: chopped chives or parsley
Soup with dumplings wheat semolina Griessnockerlsuppe
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Mix by hand wheat semolina, eggs, melted butter, salt and nutmeg. A very soft dough. Leave it to rest for at least 20-30 minutes to semolina may slightly swollen. Put in a pot of water (almost complete), with a little salt to the boil. Mixture shape dumplings with two tbsp as follows: Take a mixture of large-size walnut with one spoon, then transfer it to another spoon with gentle pressure, and so several times until a form of dumplings. It is not easy to explain, but there is a video in youtube, which it illustrates - Drop dumplings into boiling water for about 20 minutes Together with dumplings and boil the carrots, cut into circles. After switching off the stove leave dumplings in hot water for 20 minutes, then removing them - let them cool. Optional you can rinse them in cold water. Prepare the broth optional (vegetable, chicken, beef) from ready cubes dissolved in the appropriate amount of water according to the instructions of the broth. And use of the water in which they boiled dumplings (it has butter of cooking). Serve hot broth with added 2-3 dumplings (depending on how big you become) less than cooked carrots and top sprinkle chopped fresh chives. If you do not have chives, put plain green onions or parsley. * The amount is about 4 servings. * This recipe I saw my mother in law applied by Austria, which often served it to us. Liked by all, and so I decided to share it to you.
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31 Mar 2014


The first picture is of the soup, which we served Austrian my mother in law, and the next two pictures are from my first performance of the recipe at home. :)

Danny, with these recipes still remind me of my mother and her Austrian dishes! :) Here these dumplings (in different versions) are also known as *Galoushko* or *varenki*. Beautifully shaped them! :) This is my version - Бульон with Galoushko of meal . And because I cooked the soup such, have ticked successfully tested. :)

Ina, failed to mark it as tested :)

Would clicked, and who knows what I've done! :) Now the first note, then you write! :)