Layered cake Rainbow

Submitted by enr on 15 Oct 2011
225 g butter
360 ml milk
465 g sugar
4 tsp baking powder
5 egg whites
1 tsp vanilla
375 g flour
1.5 g salt
7 paint colors
# For the cream:
1 cream cakes powder
250 ml milk and / or products required for the preparation of cream - according to package
Layered cake Rainbow
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Whites, vanilla, milk, confused low level about 1 minute. Mix the soft butter, flour, baking powder, sugar and salt were added to the mixture 3-4 times of the egg whites. Initially weak turnovers and 2 to 3 minutes at high speed. The resulting mixture was divided into equal portions, which are stained with paint in the following colors - purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. On the finished colored mixtures are baked bases in a form at the bottom of which is placed greasy baking paper. Bake in preheated oven about 175S. Ready bases are removed from the baking paper, syrup and coated with pre-made cream cake (finished mixture is stirred with 250 ml milk or according to the instructions on the back of the envelope). The decoration is of your choice - it may be used for filling cream may be fondant (sugar dough).
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15 Oct 2011
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Very interesting recipe, and it is not very complicated. Hey I will learn to do things with these sweet temptations, nothing I do not like to eat them. Cake took my fancy, so go to a favorite, now waiting ..

This paint where buy or egg?

What a beautiful and cheerful cake with beautiful saturated colors! What is the paint that you enjoyed Lily?

There are inaccuracies in the recipe.

may be beautiful but so paint inside would not eaten, even if it is harmless, do not trust the producers of paint! It and red pepper is filled with red paint ... but what is true but to him as proyzvezhdash mamcheto61 noble and envy!

sugar and milk are mnozhko the quantity of flour, there's something messed up!

And after my experience with parrot cake upotrebeta plenty of paint me spoil the taste of the cake. Otherwise looks pretty interesting!

akva7 - The paint is a pastry bought from http: // www. zmeeborets. com /? page_id = 15. I have no worries use paint pastry, cakes are different when they are colored.
steffanell - Nothing wrong there in the recipe. The cake was photographed yesterday / 1510 2011 / Cooking is 14, 10, 2011.

hristiana - What is the uncertainty to fix it?
Hope peppered form is submitted mood in your day.

I've done a further clarification on the use of 250 ml milk, which are necessary if cooked cream Dr. Oetker and therefore present in the recipe.

In the latter must products mentioned 360 ml. milk - but not described in the preparation where it goes?

xevi Thanks, now I will make a statement.

when you send forth recipe specifies what for ways of writing is not exactly not have wanted to offend anyone but as a barely Ill

to get the result of the photo!

Fix your recipe, it's not hard to razberaema is not to wonder, put salt and
in both parts or 1. 5 grams divided into two?

1 hr. L vanilla, 2. vanilla? 360 ml milk as a means that is swamps? Actually have to e110ml.

Dear customer, express apology to you for any mistakes, try to remove them immediately. Given that this is the first recipe uploaded by me / you do not use your pardon / I think I handled quickly with your help, thank you for that. Thank you steffanell, although it took me time to grasp the dialect of that type, and milk 360 ML for the latter must. I tried to explain it once already, though not I made this cake or this questioning ?!

lilninova, not doubting you, just the recipe is original and therefore causes such interest :) mistakes happen, no problem, but the questions are useful in this case - to discover before anyone is prepared recipe .

Thank you for your attention. I assure you that the cake is impressive except with great taste. I think that to the mixture of the latter must can be grated zest or orange, would accord better flavor. Nice day!

I think I crossed the normal dialogue and entered the area of ​​nagging. Please following comments are from people who are prepared, cook or want to cook the recipe.

is so fresh, slyncheva and beautiful. Definitely energizes me and smiling. In children's merry - will try today. I loved it - and I will dyshterya vyv vyztorg - will immediately make the association with dyga and little pony. I shop from years of Tornado and Zmieborets - Lily really are the best

einjal - expect to share if you was delicious.

course, however she no symnenie. Vidyo speaks for itself - it is very tasty

Many beautiful cake. The colors are very nice. I would have eaten. In general I do not like sweets with paint / do not know why (/ But this cake is so delicious ... Lilninova, please write from where you bought afraid! I've got the recipe to Favorites waiting line:-)

is mentioned Zmieborets, there is a link - there is like Santa's workshop - pylno with anything, what could be better than what

Yes, true. I apologize for the issue of paint. Can be ordered on the internet, because I entered and saw nowhere. Thanks in advance. You can write and personal.

In Zmieborets think that shopping from their stores but not Sym sure Tornado is similar company - even the materials are mainly for confectionery. Have tools and fund and paint ... everything. I can give you phone numbers and links to browse. I Tornado online shopping and I can help. Zmiemoretsyt me is skyp and no quoted prices on the site are mostly wholesale. I do not know exactly

prepared the marshes, but the quantity received was not enough for the 7 parts, if it divided into 7 are around 200 grams. (This amount in my form became like a leaf 24 cm) Please for clarification in what form the latter must bake.

I decided to try cheerful cake, but to me with 23 cm form the dough into the latter must come a little. Divided in 6 colors came to me at about 260 g. Of blat. Bake two so but became very thin and others predicted for more. Accordingly we went without purple swamp. Namravih cream ricotta, cream, egg yolks and remaining sugar.

There are already pictures :)

I liked this cake and I to try to RD of the child at-will. Whether, if released will get a double dose of baking pan 26 cm. and all 6 swamps? Children are 15 and I need a bigger cake, 23 cm. I would be small. Reni please share your recipe for cream weights. I thought if I do not like cream cake train station with sour cream and white kuveryur. And what you buy paints - powder, gel, oil? If anyone knows where to buy them abroad to share please. BG nchma how to buy them.

ronicat, after Amazon and meeting them here :) love it more cream with mascarpone, but as I have swapped with ricotta. I put 400 g ricotta, 5 egg yolks that remain of the latter must, 150 ml cream, 150-200 g (tried to taste), a package of gelatin powder (prepared as described on the packaging). The latter must put them in cake form, as one by one to drink and light cream which is liquid. Then I poured over with cream and left to set. Paints there in all major centers such as Carrefour, for example, I bought them from there. The quality is not the best, but if it is exhibition will do.

I made a cake, but unfortunately unsuccessful. I dropped a double dose of pan 26 cm. It was in 550 g. for each cake. Ready became 1.5 cm., And the whole cake became 12 cm. high. Each cake it Peko in 15 minutes. Allow at least half a day to make this cake, only for the latter must be roasted takes 2,5ch., And to assemble should better be cold. Sugar in the dough I think is very, very cake became quite sweet. Because it remained in the pan karemeleno dough around the edges of the baking pan and every time I had to soak thoroughly wash easier for the next crust. Soon I made cake Station (Sheraton) which is also protein cake, but I did not have this problem. Removing marshes paper and without wash pan and then put paper and pour the mixture. The paper also work separated them, but as I began to slobyavam were glued to the paper on which cool on the grid. Only separated them, even cracked 2 or 3 do not remember. To become saturated colors goes pretty paint which was warned by a consumer and I was prepared.If you with information about their take professional paints. I'm not syrupy latter must as did the cream of the recipe Irina Kupenski ( - 250 g soft butter 500 g mascarpone + + 800 g (2 cans) sweetened condensed milk + .zhelatin dissolved) and does not need a syrup, and even less than even sugar. Top finished with mascarpone and white chocolate as cream ab

top plastered with mascarpone and white chocolate as cream made from a single dose that I get only between the latter must. In conclusion I can say that the cake is not easy, confirm it and consuming with whom he wrote which is well ahead in confectionery. And I would put 5 ★ will try again with a single dose and a small pan, but will slightly adjust the recipe (especially sugar) and I think I put cream of sour cream and chocolate that slightly sour and sweetness of the latter must not kill. As taste'm not thrilled expected more time I spent in the kitchen for making it.

My father has a birthday tomorrow and will do. Already bought the products and thought to use paint eggs. My mom knows a recipe for cake Shan Hai, which is colorful and always use paint eggs. But I have heard that when using paint eggs in a cake is nice to stand for one day! Obizatelno will upload my picture tomorrow!

cake became a little thin but otherwise the cake was very tasty!