Pancakes with yoghurt

Submitted by enr on 11 Mar 2010
2 eggs
2 cup flour
2 cup water
1/3 cup yogurt
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp sunflower oil
pinch of baking soda
Pancakes with yoghurt
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Eggs are broken down very well, add the other ingredients, stir until a smooth mixture with no lumps of flour. Pancake dough stand at least 30 minutes and fry the pancakes.
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11 Mar 2010


From how swapped with sour milk in pancakes are tastier.

Super. I never knew that can be made with sour Mlaka. Will test them.

I always do them with peroxide. milk - fresh I get a little tougher but yogurt is luxury

infrequent pancakes, because it is tough, although I tried different recipes. Morning I made them that way. Just ... no words. They are great. Thank ivka!

Strange to me always receive fresh milk.

lubopitka, it's that yogurt become more gentle spryasno are dry and tough.

We'll do more tomorrow :) Then I will report.

I put 1 cup of yogurt and water slowed accordingly. Used for filling jam and pieces of fresh cantaloupe melon.

Really yogurt pancakes were more tender and succulent! Thanks for the recipe!

I did not believe that the yogurt will get pancakes with the same taste as traditional, but today I made them and I was very pleased with the outcome. Are nice and fresh milk, but if they were even more delicious! Bravo! Thanks for the idea!

Just do not understand why the dough should stand for 30 minutes, can someone explain to me?

I always leave the dough to stand, sometimes even overnight in the refrigerator. In order to weld the elements well, I guess.

As a stand mixture, flour takes the ingredients, something like *rises*. Applies to all types of pancakes. Then pancakes are -puhkavi and soft. Leave them even more time. Similarly, when tested for cakes - usually do it late, leave to cool in the morning and begin to work down cakes and fried.

look appetizing. Will try them soon :)

Today I made them with lemonade instead of water become very aromatic.

Yes, amazing pancakes were received! Definitely these are our pancakes! Eatable and after a few hours stay!

I also like Ina increased the milk and water slowed. Roughly 1: 1.

Opss've forgotten rating!

were great! Thanks for the recipe :)

Yeah, man learns while alive. I never thought that the end result will be more palatable. Will try. Thanks for the recipe.

Slave, samples will not be sorry!

Today we did a dose of pancakes with milk and one dose in this recipe, there really is no difference. Now will do just that.

'm not suggesting that pancakes can be made with yogurt. I tried today and became great. Looking no different from those already mentioned but still photographs. Thanks for the good recipe.

Great pancakes! Before them prepared with fresh milk but became more -zhilavi. Thanks for the nice recipe and delicious pancakes.

Today I made them again and again an excellent result.

Very tasty, well done! I did not know that it is and yogurt!

Super. Thanks for the recipe.

Super delicious pancakes were! Now the only way to do them!

pancakes are great, some are such mekichki and fluffy. Bravo!

The pancakes were great.

are very tasty for the first time make such yogurt

become very delicious, thanks!

are super Bravo!

after so many positive reviews, and I have to try this recipe.

Good, very good recipe! The pancakes were awesome!

At the moment, wait to go 30 minute ... hopefully become good pancakes. But so as I read the comments, no doubt.

became more beautiful than others. Now only those will do. Thanks for the recipe. He who hesitates ... let's not think about it, but to try. Will not be disappointed.

are great! Congratulations to the recipe. :)

made them this morning for breakfast, but I did not photograph them, because at home, I eat them as soon as you fry. Really fresh milk are different from this kind :)

Many were delicious, well done. Easy and cheap :)

Very tasty and very mekichki :)

were received extra :)

unexpected taste similar to yogurt, but ... it just so you do them.

really become very soft and fluffy, but their appearance is amazing, because although the oil stick and break. Certainly not like the picture.

mariyriy, if you are torn, glued and were soft - this means that the flour they were little. Some yoghurts are more dense, others more fluid, the eggs are larger or smaller, it is sometimes necessary to put a little more or a little flour. When I make pancakes always after the first 'fixing - if they are soft and tear put even 1-2. L. Flour, if they are dry and break - the valley a little more liquid.

I made them just became great first captured the pancakes my husband usually makes them but this recipe is super thank

Very delicious pancakes that my family loves! :)

The pancakes were really very delicious! The only change I made was to put 2 pinches of baking soda. I received about 15 pancakes.

pancakes are our favorite, but I put them one whole yoghurt.