Jelly cream with fresh fruit

Submitted by enr on 08 Jun 2009
800 g yogurt
300 g sugar
40 g gelatin
2 bananas
2 peaches
2 apples
1 lemon
Jelly cream with fresh fruit
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Sugar is mixed with yogurt, add the gelatin dissolved in 200 ml water in the microwave. Fruits are cut and divided into 10 glasses, pour the mixture and leave in the fridge to gel.
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08 Jun 2009


for summer days is great pudding. Bravoo!

Yesterday I did, it is very tasty!

I did half the dose is gorgeous cream in bowl put biscuits, raisins and chocolate sticks, cup ov put peaches and strawberries from my garden. I applied and pictures. Bravo, remains firmly in Favorites.

eeee Mariyanche super brought it! Many thanks for the nice words!

Very light and pleasant cream! I put the fruit bananas, peaches and kiwi. Drained and slightly Lim. juice and wrong here - acidulous me / probably because kiwi ... /. But the recipe is super and the pudding chestichko will do it, because my homework very liked it.

The lightest cream and fresh summer :)

mm very tasty this cream :)

Sweet rose cream, but not tightened enough. I think I put less than gelatin in the recipe. Will fix the other way.