Submitted by enr on 18 Jan 2009
600 g minced meat
4-5 large potatoes
4 eggs
1 onion
70 g cheese
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Minced meat is kneaded with finely chopped onion, salt, pepper and 2 eggs . To grate the potatoes, add salt, pepper and the other 2 eggs. In cake form greased with butter, lining consistent part of minced meat and potato mixture. Bake for 50 min and 10 min before mode, grated cheese on top. Serve warm and well decorated.
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18 Jan 2009
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Again delicious surprise. Bravo, Maggie! I'd like to see and photograph to the recipe :)

Looks pretty tasty. I would add to the mince little fenugreek or potato finely chopped celery leaves.

Thank you, I think today to prepare and make a picture!

It is really tasty, but I was not mince quality ... Next time I will take another company. Upload photos.

BRAVO Maggie, another one of your yummy!

Never buy ready mince. Or butcher grind it to me, or I at home.

You're right - so you see what you eat!

Maggie fabulous! Looks pretty tasty. Immediately Bookmark

Tonight did your very tasty truly delicious. Thank you!

Kami, put a picture if you can! Thank you!

became very good, I liked it :))

After Namaste form sprinkle you with something :)

imren1977, I did not sprinkle anything form because it is Teflon.

I told th row potatoes, mince row and finally potatoes.

gold, nice *zebra* option! Bravo!

I turned and photos.

I loved! Bravo!

is super, bravo

Potatoes Are raw or lightly cooked? In cakes shaped chess you have two mixtures?

Didi, grated potatoes were raw, but next time I plan to cook them a little. Otherwise uttering them as alternating succession mince potatoes - see my first picture.

Mmmm May will take tomorrow to do this dish, but I think to boil a little fries .. and of course you will trust in the halogen oven ...

For quite some time matures this recipe to favorites and at last turn. I did it with boiled potatoes boil in the microwave-riddle them with a fork and put them without water in Jena saucepan with lid and cast off at full power (mine is 700w) for 10 minutes. I made a half dose that we only two home and baked in halogenkata (for this small pan I do not let her go big oven on the stove) put a lower score at 180 degrees for 35-40 moments, then turned in another pan and Paiute more 10 min at 225 ° C, and then sprinkled with cheese and Peko further 5 minutes at 240 degrees. Great dish very suitable for lunch and dinner. Will definitely do again. I've added pictures.

Thank you Maggie - get a delicious meal :)My potatoes were raw, but everything is very well roasted. Actually maybe potatoes baked good, because they were fresh.

Great photos, thank you :)