Gingerbread - II type

Submitted by enr on 19 Sep 2009
1-2 eggs
1 cup sugar
2 tbsp honey
1/2 cup sunflower oil
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1 vanilla
250 g of flour (2 full cup)
Gingerbread - II type
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Sugar is mixed with the eggs. Add other products and oily hands izmesva dough. Formed into balls the size of a large walnut and rank distance in an oiled tray. Bake in a moderate oven. Optional can decorate with melted chocolate in a water bath. * Depending on the size of marbles, 20-25 buns come in rectangular tray 35h35 cm. * Optional can be cut and shapes, the dough are rolled.
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19 Sep 2009


I'll have them do :) Just yesterday gave me Maiman my whole jar of honey and now I start :) Super recipe. Bravooo :)

I meant my mother :)

And I will make them. The recipe is really very nice.

We will be glad if you like. After I have been become softer.

Bravo, bravo .. Many were delicious. Home very liked.

easy and delicious recipe, well done

Very tasty and easy recipe all love them :)

They became supeeer, Though it's the other way would have to do a double dose because these still little will eat them while they are hot ... :) Upload and photos.

Great photos! Glad you like gingerbread.

You really need to do a double dose. Last night I made them and in no time ran out. I really like your recipes.

Thanks! Glad you like the recipe.

While heated you must be oven :)

Galya, the oven must be preheated.

I got this recipe from her mother.Posto super will get a picture

Congratulations, denirachi! Many originally served gingerbread. Once again, I realize how the same recipe can offer different kind of culinary works, depending on the imagination of the cook.

The recipe is easy and fast.

Bravo, Lily! Girls marvel and rejoice heartily imagination and your skills!

This photo of Lily straight story was .. gorgeous gingerbread, vseedno are sculpted! Bravoooo

I izpilzvam same products ... My grandmother told them and become great, will get a photo ... I thought to write the recipe, but I searched and found that they were ahead of me ... bravooo

Bravo! I do not know a stronger word. Bravo!

made gingerbread became incredibly delicious! I am a beginner cook and I am glad that I can read your recipes and learn. Comments under each recipe also help me a lot!

dudeslavka, SiMa_ - Congratulations to you! Very beautiful gingerbread!

gingerbread of SiMa_ were super delicious :) I had the pleasure to try them!

finally tried and those medenki- became super :) Thank you :) Inka I had time for a nice picture, because we were leaving for the beach- so directly in the box :)

I forgot to write that I put 2 eggs, about 3 cups flour and 3 tablespoons honey. made a few and shapes. I went out about 50 pieces that are eaten on the same day :)

I guess if merge with marmalade or jam and dip in melted chocolate will be like copper lintser.

yes, I will be fine :) I tried half bake only about 15 minutes and the other for about 20 minutes. the latter became more crisp, but not hard, but others were more mekichki. taste are great :)

Annie, look very good and I am glad that you like gingerbread!

A great recipe! Today I tried them, are wonderful!

Gerry, I am very glad that you like!

The recipe is very successful and gingerbread became great. Cook very quickly.

Elti picture is very beautiful and tempting, go to bite!

Thank you, steffanell. Yes, it was very nice.

Well done, girls! These beauties are created! Congratulations! I am very glad that you like and taste.

Incredibly delicious, quick and easy gingerbread! Thanks so much for the recipe! I only had a problem with the baking pans, they were not wanted, you increase the dough and all blind, then cut them with a glass of rose and circles :) But again became, of course, incredibly delicious!

Mary and I thank you for your trust recipe!

Repeat gingerbread. Great recipe!

Elti, are very appetizing! One is your darker - toast them or add something in the ingredients? Very interesting look like - in different colors.

From toasting the difference. I made 3 baking pans and three were a different color :) I put anything extra.

are great and very easy and fast

Anna, I'm glad that you like.

I only ask dough I felt very, very sticky. I followed the exact weight, why so happened? Taste I have not tried them, but smell delicious :)

again I became great, nothing that stuck! Many thanks for the recipe!

Miglena, the dough becomes sticky, but not much. I've written in the recipe that must be handled with oily hands. I am glad that despite everything, the result is positive!

are great! easy and delicious :)

Bravo tillia! 2 years do them these gingerbread.

desant4, NEPC, very happy and thank you for your comment!

Great recipe! Thank you that you have worked hard to climb :) gingerbreads became so delicious, that the next day I did a second dose.

Gina, I am very glad that you have been delicious!

They became great! I do not believe to stay until tomorrow, so for Christmas I think I'll do a second dose! Thanks for the recipe!