Carp baked in a halogen oven

Submitted by enr on 13 Oct 2011
1 kg of fish carp (3 chops)
1 lemon
Carp baked in a halogen oven
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Wash chops them and drying them. Add salt to taste them and watering them with the juice of half a lemon. Order them in a bowl or box and leave at least 2-3 hours in the refrigerator to absorb the salt. Optional can sprinkle with spices for fish. Then arrange the chops in the oven suitable for baking dish (aluminum), inserting the lower BBQ and bake 35 minutes at 200 C. Then remove the pan, turn the chops and place the tray on top this time BBQ and bake another 25-30 minutes, again 200 C. Serve the fish with the other half of the lemon, cut into slices. Do not use grease because carp is quite oily fish. * I suppose other fresh fish can be prepared in this way.
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13 Oct 2011


And those who do not have halogen oven, you can cook it?

ff another mom ... well, maybe in a conventional oven, far more so I've cooked, but now with this new oven try all kinds of dishes, and there are many recipes for it so why publish recipes to benefit and other user interface. The difference in the two ovens is that no halogen preheating oven, saving electricity, or process of cooking is in the old oven almost the same time.

Mariana is right that any dish can be prepared in addition to halogen and in a normal oven. But her recipes are very useful for those who use such oven, because it indicates the exact degrees and cooking time, which is important for its use. Thank you Mariyanche! I personally like began to do something in her first check you how you did it, the booklet with instructions almost no longer read it.

AA will not stop trying, and you honestly very economical I get to cook with it, because almost all home cook in the oven, but I like that it is cooked in small quantities because we are two people ( and a 92 year old grandfather, but he eats only supichki) and just old Rahovets no longer profitable for the family, another advantage is that it uses very little fat, if not almost any, even very beautiful and is seen all the time what happens inside it.Was where my father-in-law calls for the bakery and now for furnata- *What you did not invent for lazy brides 's straight persons Zakopane ..

Lazy, lazy, but how much time and money you save .... And how much work you could do while she cooks ...

It became clear to me! Greetings adashkata for delicious dishes!